While You Were Sleeping

I am so, so tired. Who knew that 13 month old babies would be so much work. Word to the wise: children are hard. If you like sleep, don't have them! Welcome to While You Were Sleeping. This is the news you might have missed.

If you're a fan of 80s nostalgia, and Mr T and Conan the Barbarian and Rambo, not liking this game is an impossibility. It's Broforce. They are bros. They're gonna shoot stuff. It looks very cool in a Metal Slug sorta way.

Angry Birds announced some sort of new thing. It's like a an Angry Birds thing, but the birds are women. It's called Stella, which I think is an awesome name. Mainly because I really like A Streetcar Named Desire. The game apparently tackles real issues like inspiration and empowerment.

Oh look it's Hitman. Only it's a turn based strategy game. WHAT.

The Halo/Destiny artist does some insane stuff, you probably already knew that, but head here for confirmation.

Finally, just for fun — can you spot the camouflaged snipers in these pictures?

In Short From Conan To Mr T, 80s Action Stars Are Spilling Blood In Broforce A Hitman Turn Based Strategy Game Angry Birds: Stella Tackles Real Issues Like Inspiration, Empowerment See If You Can Spot The Camouflaged Snipers In These Pictures Halo/Destiny Artist Sure Knows How To Draw Cool Stuff


    Yeah, my kiddo is just over 13 months too. He had his 1 year jabs and had a reaction 2 nights ago, a week later. Bit of a fever and just not sleeping well. The weather here in Adelaide didn't help, but I feel ya Serrels.

    Mark you don't know pain till you have 13 month old twins. Now that is pain.

    Head up Mark and look on the bright side, they don't get any easier as they get older =)

    I feel your pain ,my 11 month old just woke squawking after a trademark 40 minute sleep...


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