While You Were Sleeping

Morning everyone. Sick baby means no sleep for Markie, which means increasingly deranged introductions to While You Were Sleeping. Also: I have a meathangover. Welcome to the news you might have missed.

You might remember the 'Super CD' a CD-based console that Sony planned to make with Nintendo back in the day. The deal fell through and Sony decided to make the PlayStation instead. The rest is, of course, history. Well, for some reason the specs, and a whole bunch of background info on the machine has now become available! Read the story here!

Here's a look a the first mission of Thief, start to finish. Enjoy!

Borderlands 3 is not being made right now. The folks at Gearbox just decided to let you all know in case you were on the verge of building up a Half-Life 3-esque fetish about it.

What else? Well, there's an Assassin's Creed board game coming out in the next couple of weeks. And you can watch thousands of people playing a single game of Pokemon together.

In Short The Specs Of A Nintendo Console That Never Was Assassin's Creed Has A Board Game. It comes Out In Two Weeks Thousands Of People Are Playing A Single Game Of Pokemon Together Gearbox Is Not Making Borderlands 3 Right Now, For Good Reasons Briefly: Here's A Start-To-Finish Look At The First Mission In Thief


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