While You Were Sleeping

Welcome to While You Were Sleeping. We round up the news and post pictures of babies sleeping. That's how we do.

I did not see this one coming. Irrational Games, the studio behind the BioShock games, is shutting down. More details here. Ken Levine wants to focus on smaller games with a smaller team, that's the long and short of it.

And Sony has announced it has sold more than 5.3 million PS4s so far. These numbers can often seem pie in the sky with no sense of perspective or reality. All you need to know is this: those are good numbers. Very good numbers.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze comes out this week. You can bounce around like Scrooge McDuck. That's a plus!

And finally, this is a Skyrim wedding and it's the best wedding. This is a prank that shows why we need to be careful on the internet.

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    While I was asleep I got a sudden message for inspection tomorrow...

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