While You Were Sleeping

Welcome to While You Were Sleeping. It's early and you need an excuse to not work/study/do anything. Why not take a quick gander at some of the news you might have missed?

Like the fact that thousands of people are playing Tetris without realising it!

You've probably heard of the Twitch playing Pokemon thing: thousands of people entering commands in the comments to control a game of Pokemon. What many of these people don't know is their inputs are also being used to play a game of Tetris!

These are always good articles, and I pretty much sort out my anime viewing with them: these are the five latest anime shows you should be checking out. I found Attack on Titan through this series, so its usually on the money!

Some other stuff: this is unofficial Team Fortress LEGO. It should totally be official. These are the best Star Wars figures on the planet, and this is the human crushing art of Titanfall.

In Short Meet The Unofficial Team Fortress LEGO Thousands Of People Are Playing Tetris Without Realising It These Are The Best Star Wars Action Figures On The Planet The Five Anime Of Winter 2014 You Should Be Watching The Human Crushing Art Of Titanfall


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