While You Were Sleeping

Morning everyone. Particularly rough night for me and my child who refuses to sleep, but I'm awake and I ready to round-up the news. Let's get um... rounding.

Do you have the guts to just totally wear this t-shirt? To just deal with the people who don't realise you're trolling, the people who think you are a complete idiot-face. Could you handle that? I dunno if I could. It's a shirt that plays with the old 'Zelda is the main character of Zelda' misunderstanding. It's pretty glorious.

Twitch is coming to Xbox One, finally. This is good news. Twitch, as you are no doubt already aware, is absolutely, utterly huge and it's set to grow rapidly. I think the whole Twitch plays Pokemon is the tipping point.

And speaking of Twitch and Pokemon, it has inspired a fair few artists.

This man's get-up at the PlayStation 4 launch was ridiculous. Ridiculous to the point where he should really have gotten the console for free. Finally, this is a hilarious illustration of how first person shooters work.

In Short This Man's New PS4 Should Have Been Free The Twitch Plays Pokemon Phenomena Inspired A Lot Of Artists The Ultimate Zelda Troll Shirt Complete Twitch Integration Is Coming To Xbox One Ah, So That's How First Person Shooters Work


    Get yer arse to tressilian, they saved our life and the baby finally has started sleeping through..
    Seriously, it is so incredibly worth spending a couple of nights there, we were going insane.

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