While You Were Sleeping

Friday, the last day of the working week. Hope you all had a good one. This is While You Were Sleeping. We talk about the news.

To be honest, we've really yet to tap into the pure learning potential that video games have. But when we do, I have a feeling the human race will learn more quickly and efficiently than we ever thought possible. That's why I really want this RPG that teaches you Japanese! I've always wanted to be fluent in a second language and I love video games! This is perfect...

The Twitch Pokemon thing. It's still happening. They've just gotten their final gym badge. I think this whole thing is proof that a monkey could write Hamlet.

Ocarina in first person on the Oculus Rift would probably be too much for me to take. My tearducts can't withstand nostalgia of this magnitude.

Finally, this is off topic, but cool: Nasa's Insane Plan To Save A Doomed Space Shuttle. And the sport of the future is MMA versus Batman.

In Short Watch Twitch Plays Pokemon Get Their Final Gym Badge The Sport Of The Future Is MMA vs Batman Nasa's Insane Plan To Save A Doomed Space Shuttle Ocarina In First Person On The Oculus Rift An RPG That Teaches You Japanese


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