Who Said World Of Warcraft Was Dying?

For the first time in a long time, the game's playerbase has stopped the rot, going from 7.6 million user last year to 7.8 today.


    People getting back into WoW as a result of the Hearthstone beta? That's the only thing I can think of that could push it back up right now.

      I assume it's because of the next expac that's was announced recently(ish)

      I think it's more likely people were tempted to get back into it after the expansion announcement.

        @sernobulus as well: I would have imagined the expansion would get people back in a bit closer to release? Or is it closer than I thought? I'm way out of the loop, haven't played since 4.1.

          It's still a ways off. The announcement alone would have been enough to draw a few people back to the game though.

      That's my assumption. I'm not expecting it to last though.

      If TESO is succesful WoW will die once and for all! hahaha lets hope so

        Why would you hope for WoW to die? Are you one of those people that hates when other people like things you don't like? "Other people are having fun in a game I don't like! I want that game to die."

    its people getting back so they can hope to get inot the xpac beta when it eventually goes up

    'Bout time for a sequel?

      Isn't every expansion pack like a sequel, more of the game you know but some changes here and there.

        Not really. I played it for a while and I found that really they didn't change much. I mean there's a few more places, lots more stuff but then the mechanics and the graphics are pretty much the same.

          That's pretty much how a sequel works, Look at all the CoDs, Halos, Assassins Creeds, the setting may change theirs new stuff but essentially your doing what you did last game a little bit better.

            Now there's an idea. Instead of bringing out new games every year these people can just make expansions for their old games! Because these things have such good branding and everything no one would care about the graphics and keep buying!

              CoD hasn't changed it's engine in years, while the newer games are better it could all be patched in.

    Hang on, when I read this before wasn't it a longer article?
    Now it's like a single sentence.

    I like how a sentence that tells us one thing is enough to be published as an article.

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