Australian Anna Torv Is The Reason Why Heavenly Sword Is Getting An Animated Film

Why Is Heavenly Sword Getting An Animated Film? This Lady Right Here.

There's an animated movie based on Ninja Theory's PlayStation 3 action adventure Heavenly Sword this year. The second trailer for the film is a rock-infused tribute to the reason this is all happening — Anna Torv.

Yes, I know the video below is all about Nariko, but Nariko is all about the voice of Anna Torv, the Australian actress you might recognise from her role as FBI agent Olivia Dunham from the science fiction series Fringe.

Why Is Heavenly Sword Getting An Animated Film? This Lady Right Here.

Makes me wish they'd gone live action with this joint. All they need to do is replace Fauxlivia's (Dunham's redheaded alternate reality counterpart) guns with that sword, maybe give her some extensions, and we're set.

"Bring me this Heavenly Sword!" Oh well, they can't all be Oscar winners. As long as we've got Torv-quips and more Kai, I'll be OK.


    That was terrible on so many different levels

      Rolling with an embrassingly 90s video game style trailer does seem like an odd choice. I mean Heavenly Sword's writing was pretty dire to begin with, but they're not exactly helping people forget that here.

    Ana Torv is my Favourite Actor, Fringe is my favourite show, i did enjoy the heavenly sword video game so ill watch a movie for it

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