Wii U Donkey Kong Includes A Fantastic 3DS Easter Egg

What appears to be a charming little visual Easter egg in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is actually so much more. Yes, DK whips out a 3DS and plays it when you leave him idle (he's done this in the past.) But he's actually playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Mario Kart 7 and even, well, Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Yes, that means Donkey Kong (like Cam Newton) enjoys playing with himself. GameXplain does a superb forensic examination of the sound effects to tell you exactly what DK is doing in each game and noting that even he races as himself in Mario Kart. When Diddy, Dixie or Cranky Kong ride piggy-back, they get into the action too.

Cool Bits - Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze's Idle Animation Secrets - 3DS, Partners, & More! [GameXplain on YouTube via Reddit]


    I think if someone makes a special Wii U bundle that includes DKC: TF and maybe a classic controller at a good price, that's the incentive I'll need to finally snap up a Wii U.

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      Any reason for the classic controller? The Gamepad looks horrible but it actually really well designed. I use it for hours without a worry.

        Yeah. It's not quite the same as a pro pad, more like a giant DS, but it handles surprisingly well. Also unlike the Wii Remote the game pad is perfectly interchangeable with a traditional controller so games that should play well on a traditional controller still play well on the game pad. It's also lighter than you'd expect it to be. That said a DK bundle would almost certainly include one. If not I'd say the pro pad isn't a must have item so you can hold off for a while and snag one cheap on sale.
        Personally I'll be playing it on the game pad screen when possible like I do with New Super Mario Bros. I've got a big screen TV which is great but I just love playing platformers on the game pad screen. They should bundle the system with a recliner. =P

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        I was worried as shit when it was first revealed to have two circle pads on it. But now that it has proper control sticks (although I miss the octagonal gates) and especially now that it has the "prongs" on the back, it's great.

        Yeah I guess the classic controller isn't a requirement, just a nice addition.

        Still hoping for a bundle of some kind. Come on JB HiFi, you can pull through for me on this...

    Can't wait for this. Looks hilarious and awesome.
    As for people worried about the tablet controller, don't worry, the back is shaped to make it easy as piss to hold for hours.

    Now we just need a Donkey Kong game where he plays himself on a Wii U, playing as himself on a 3DS......Kongception

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