Witness One Of The Fastest Hands In eSports

Witness One Of The Fastest Hands In eSports

Recorded at the WCS Korea Qualifier by Khaldor, here’s a pretty impressive first person look at StarCraft II veteran Losira, who’s also one of the fastest players in eSports. And now you can see him at close range, unleashing his power.

His APM (actions per minute) must be really really high (probably around 400?) and even unnecessary levels sometimes. But it sure looks damn cool!

Here’s the full clip.

APM Legend Losira (aka. KangHo) – the fastest hands in ESports!? [KhaldorTV, YouTube]


  • I remember reading that they would constantly mash a single button to maintain constant blood flow for “quicker responses”

  • Is he actually doing anything? Seems to either be toggling between two areas of the menu without actually selecting anything or just pressing buttons that aren’t making changes on the screen.

    • At the start it always appears that way, they do it to keep warm. It’s this kind of APM that you need later in the game to excel at starcraft, fighting engagements on multiple fronts while staying on top of unit production and economy management. But yes, there’s a lot of nothing for the first 5 or 6 minutes

    • A lot of it is “tapping” – tapping your hotkeys to check the progress of buildings, upgrades, production, etc. It may not look like he’s doing anything obvious, but he is.

    • Audience engagement. Starcraft games are typically around the 20 minute mark (short of extended TvTs, or cheese games), and it’s very dynamic and exciting for casters to work the crowd. As for why not Warcraft, which Warcraft? 3 is over a decade old and its lasting legacy is MOBAs. WoW is not an esports game because there’s only Arena which is niche as hell.

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