Wonder Woman Is Totally Rocking That Motorcycle Look

Wonder Woman Is Totally Rocking That Motorcycle Look

I, for, love the design sensibilities in the current version of Wonder Woman that's been in place since DC Comics' New 52 re-launch. But, another re-imagining will happen at some point — of course, it will — and I'd love it if this look by artist Dan Mora were the next face of Wonder Woman.

You believe this Diana can kick arse. Anyone's arse. The biker-chick design still has sex appeal but it looks like it's happening on her own terms. The gloves could deflect bullets just as well as Diana's traditional bracelets. Let's just say the Cheetah wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of this Amazon's magic lasso.

Wonder Woman Is Totally Rocking That Motorcycle Look
Wonder Woman Is Totally Rocking That Motorcycle Look
Wonder Woman Is Totally Rocking That Motorcycle Look

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    Can we please not post that on the Australian site? As awesome as it is, I'm afraid our 'wonderful' Queensland police will mistake her for a biker and lock her up :(

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      It's ok, she doesn't have a sidekick right? So she's not going to be up for being part of an association.

        I thought she was member of that Vigilante gang JLA.

          Goddamn it.. the BatCycle.

          Green Lanterns made a motorcycle many times.

          Cyborgs had one a few times.

          Guy Gardener too...

          Holy crap they're gonna get locked up.

      I believe this is in reference to something but I don't know what.

      Last edited 04/02/14 8:29 pm

      In Queensland it's not illegal to own a Motorcycle, nor is it illegal to ride one, it isn't even illegal to be a member of a club of motorcycle enthusiasts who have their own logo. (Note I mean a club not a bike gang, they do exist)

      But don't ride it, don't wear the club logo in public and don't be seen with anybody else who has a motorcycle. Also don't wear clothes with Motorcycle logos on and if you do ride your motorcycle understand the need to be pulled over for 4 hours while they bring more police and drug dogs to make sure your not a criminal.

      Guilt until Proven Innocent, if your a Bike Rider. Innocent until Proven Guilty if your a Murderer.

        lol'd at first, then realised this isn't even close to being an exaggeration of the truth. If anything, it's an understatement.

        Also don't be the partner of a bikie, you'll go to jail.

        Don't be a bikie who has to go to court with other bikies after being subpoena'd. If you all turn up to give testimony as requested, and you're in the same case, you WILL be arrested and have to serve time for fraternising with other bikies. If you don't turn up, well, you're dodging a subpoena and you WILL go to jail for that. Plus being a bikie you'll get extra time on that (usually six months).

        Don't meet at a pub for drinks... you'll be locked up for six months at least.

        It's really THAT sad in Queensland right now. It's not the fact they're bikies, it's the fact civil liberties are being removed by people to keep them under control and it's under the fascade of being about bikies.

          Cracking down on Bikies was something that needed to be done, but it's going too far.

          Man with Beard and Tattoo drinking in a pub? Arrest him. (Actually happened)
          Guy with "Sons of Anarchy" TV Show shirt on? Arrest him. (Actually happened)
          Person riding a Motorbike with Chrome on it? Arrest them. (Haven't heard of this one happening yet)

          I'm starting to think I parking a Harley outside a Convent would get the Nuns arrested.

    Missing some leg definition. Definitely see the arm strength.

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