World Of Warcraft's New Orc Female: Now 100% Less Stupid

World Of Warcraft's New Orc Female: Now 100 Per cent Less Stupid

Of all the race/sex combinations getting a graphical overhaul in World of Warcraft's upcoming Warlords of Draenor expansion, none needed it as much as the female Orc. How I hated her stupid old face.

The body was fine — a powerful frame with well-defined muscles. Sure, she had no fingers, but who did back in 2004? The face though — that stupid, empty, staring-forward face. No offence to female Orc players, but man your character got on my nerves.

But that'll all be over soon.

World Of Warcraft's New Orc Female: Now 100 Per cent Less Stupid

Expressive features, smirking and snarling, all atop a body that's much more defined (fingers) while still maintaining the spirit of the original. She's perfect.

World Of Warcraft's New Orc Female: Now 100 Per cent Less Stupid

Head over to World of Warcraft's website to read more on the design considerations that went into making this sublime beauty.

World Of Warcraft's New Orc Female: Now 100 Per cent Less Stupid


    I think the troll female needed the most work.

      i agree, hopefully the female troll will resemble there male counter parts a bit more instead of just being a tall blue human.

      It could use a bit of work sure, but to me, of the original models I think the troll female stands up pretty well

        The sexual dimorphism in WoW always seemed pretty excessive, but particularly with the trolls. The males are these lanky, bent over creatures with really elongated faces, while the females look more or less like humans with blue skin, pointy ears and some little boar tusks.

        It'd be good to see Blizzard make the female troll like its from the same species as the male and less like a not-particularly-amazing cosplayer.

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          True, but look at what Female Trolls were originally looking like. I can't think of anyone who'd want to play one. They were hideous.

            Naw... That original troll female was better. They are trolls... they were supposed be ugly.

            All my toons were Trolls.

            Hehe. she looks a bit like the Spitter from Left 4 Dead 2. The model also looks fairly unrefined. I think with a bit of more design time they could have found a happy medium between the awkward alpha model and the final overly humanised one.

    Human male had a discolored nose. Always put me off.

    I'm really liking the new character models they've shown so far. They look a lot more alive and able to show emotion better than the old static faces.

    this is still a thing ? i fell of the bandwagon so hard in Pandaria. Iv'e tried to get back on but it just doesn't feel like the same game anymore.

      Yeah, MOP pretty much sucked the remaing remnants of WoWs soul out. I resubbed to play some PvP because I actually don't mind WoW's PvP still, but that got tired pretty quick.

      Personally I'm actually looking forward to the new expansion; Warlords of Draenor. Looks set to be a decent storyline affair which will make for a fun solo questing experience. Beyond that, who knows. They now pretty much give you raid gear once you hit max level.

        They give you subpar, poorly itemised raid level gear 4 patches into the expansion, to get you into earlier tier raid content. I'm not a big fan of Timeless Isle and how easy it is to get gear, but the stuff it gives you really isn't that good.

        As for MoP, to each his own. I really enjoyed MoP, I thought Cataclysm was the worst one so far.

          My biggest problem with MoP is the seeming shift to adding F2P features to the game without making it F2P.

          You can now buy cosmetic upgrades, mounts, pets and level 90s. Im sure its only a matter of time before they start making the leveling take longer to entice you to give them money.

            They've been selling Pets since 2009, and they and mounts have been noting but purely cosmetic.

            The first (and only) store purchase that's coming out is just to make a character boosted to level 90 (Which is fair enough, I'm sure there's people out there who don't want to have to level another alt through 5 expansions worth of content for the 5th time) and it's most likely not going to be cheap, (It was accidentally on the Live store briefly after maintenance for $60) and so it won't be commonplace.

            And I wouldn't go on about them making it harder for more money when they've been doing things like giving previous expansions as part of the core package (Pretty sure buying a sub now includes the first two expansions) and all races are now available as well, no longer expac restricted.

              I just feel that charging for cosmetic upgrades should remain the realm of F2P games and they have no place in games that charge you an up front fee and then a recurring monthly fee.

              I have already voted with my wallet and have unsubscribed and will not be purchasing WOD.

              I don't get why people are so accepting while they watch a game they love go in a direction that is well known for being terrible.

                Because not everyone agrees that cosmetic-only microtransactions are terrible. How does it affect your enjoyment of the game if other people decide to purchase a winged tiger mount, or a fire-skinned kitten to follow them around?

                  Because sometimes those pets are some of the best in the game eg, Lil'Rag is pretty powerful.

                  I believe this should be part of your monthly fee and I prefer everyone having access to everything.

                  The real world is already biased enough towards the rich and I don't think we need it in our video games.

                  Just think about this. Nobody at blizzard would have sat down and said "You know what would make our game more fun? If we added some cool new content but then charged people an additional fee to access it."

                  This is obviously just another company who is testing to see how far they can push their users before they quit.

                  Doesn't adding things like an XP boost trigger alarm bells for you?

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                  Sorry, this response ended up a lot longer than I intended.

                  Blizzard adds hundreds of pets and mounts freely accessible in the game, less than 1% of what's available is from the store. Many of the store items were also charity fundraisers, giving to the Indonesian tsunami appeal, the Japanese earthquake, Make A Wish foundation and others. I'm a completionist myself, I totally get the feeling you have when you see someone with something you can't get, but it's really not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things, and at least the store items are still accessible to everyone who pays for them - things like the Zul Gurub or Zul Aman mounts, or the black Qiraji mount, are gone forever.

                  I think the problem I have with your mindset is that you think a subscription fee should entitle you to all future content, but it's never been that way. If you apply that logic to its conclusion, you would be objecting to paid expansions because it's content that you have to pay for otherwise you can't access it, and "should be part of your monthly fee" so that "everyone has access to everything". Really, what your subscription fee does is pay for the cost of running the servers, and access to some content up to a point. It doesn't entitle you to all future content the developers make as long as you're subscribed. If you wanted that, the subscription fee would have to be a good bit higher than it is. Don't forget, the game has been out for 9 years now and the subscription fee hasn't changed at all, despite 20% inflation.

                  I also have no problem with the level 90 boost - the game is 9 years old, new players have to spend weeks on their own going through 9 years of old content before they can get to a point where they can play with their friends, and veterans who know the game inside out and have done the leveling experience 20 times already have the option of bypassing having to run the old content for the 21st time so they can get a new character up into current content.

                  If you're opposed to paying for that service or for pets and mounts, that's your prerogative and certainly nothing is forcing you to. All the paid content is optional, you're not at any disadvantage in the game if you choose not to buy them, nor are you at any disadvantage if someone next to you does choose to buy them.

                  If Blizzard introduces something to the store that has a mechanical advantage, like items with stats, a set of armour or weapons or something that effectively bypasses current content, then I'll consider whether I want to keep playing the game. But that's not happening now, and it may never happen in the future. Quitting now to pre-emptively protest something that hasn't happened yet seems foolish to me.

                  A small rant, not entirely directed at you: At the end of the day, it's about having fun. If you're having fun, don't let other people tell you there's some reason you shouldn't be having fun. If you're not having fun, consider moving on to something else that is fun. If you're disappointed that the game has changed in a way you don't like and it's not fun any more, let Blizzard know, but try to respect the fact that you may well be in the minority. Blizzard has 8 million subscribers to cater for, they're never going to satisfy all the people all the time.


                  That was a humdinger of a post. I think you are right about this and that my problem is more of a problem with the direction of the game as a whole.

                  If you played it WOTLK you probably remember the level 80 mobs being able to be killed in a few hits and you could take on swarms of them when you were very highly geared. Since Cata they have cranked up the health to make everything take longer and it makes me worry that they are purposely slowing things down to charge us to skip them.

                  I didn't feel so strongly about the store until they started talking about adding boosts. I think that I cant be in a minority that small as they have added as an unsubscribe option just recently "I am unhappy that there is a real money store" or something like that.

                  I also feel like we are getting less than we used to, not a single new 5 man dungeon this expac which for me were one of the best parts of the game and this last raid tier is going to be a year old at least by the time we get the next expac. I thought after ICC they said they weren't going to let us have a massive gap after the last raid anymore.

                  All in all though I will probably resub in WOD.


                  What the hell, somehow this post ended up super long too. Well whatever, I'd like to think I had something useful to say in it :)

                  I completely respect if you're burned out on the game, I've gone through stages of that myself. And I can definitely empathise with not liking the direction some parts of the game have gone. Personally, I hated when they took away Will of the Forsaken and then basically gave the exact same ability to Worgen a few years later. I also hate how much they've dumbed down the crafting system and how every crafter is basically mass-producing carbon copies of the exact same item with the exact same stats. (On a side note, the taste I got of ESO crafting during the last beta weekend has made me quite happy about what's going to happen in that area.) I like that they're removing hit and expertise in WoD, but I don't like that they're removing dodge and parry. I miss the old tanking stats and having actual avoidance, and being able to get unhittable (a bit of a misnomer since it only applied to white attacks but still).

                  You're certainly not alone in your objection to the level 90 boost, there's a lot of complaining (to put it politely) on the forums. Support for the idea seems to be 50/50, but that's just out of people that visit the forums, so I'd say actually support is probably somewhat higher. Though the main thing people seem to be complaining about is that they think it'll bring even more idiots who don't know how to play their class into LFR. If you've played LFR at all, you'll know it's not scientifically possible to get dumber people.

                  I can see why people are concerned, but I look at it like this:

                  - Experience boosts have been in the game from the start, in the form of rested experience and holiday experience boosters. Since then, they've also added other in-game sources, like heirlooms and monk class quests. Yes, these are all in-game, available to (almost) everybody, and it's different to what we're talking about.

                  - Experience boosts have also been available for years as part of the Recruit A Friend program. Many players RAF-connected a secondary account and used multiboxing to level characters 3x faster thanks to the associated boost. A player with sufficient money and patience could easily connect 5 accounts together and level 5 character extremely quickly. I know a few people who did this.

                  - A free level 80 was part of the Scroll of Resurrection service for the whole time it was available. The target account had to be deactivated for at least 3 months in the early days of SoR, and a lot of people (myself included) reactivated old alt accounts specifically to get the free 80.

                  - When WoD comes out, players that purchase the expansion get a free level 90. It appears to be just part of the expansion, not a preorder bonus or anything like that. As soon as it was announced, people were already talking about setting up multiple accounts, buying the expansion, then transferring the free 90 to their main account. This was pretty much what prompted Blizzard to look into offering it as a service, because there were that many people talking about doing it.

                  Except for the first one, all of those things basically involve paying money to get a boost of some sort. None of them are particularly uncommon either, I've seen each of them pretty frequently, and participated in a few myself, over the years I've played. Blizzard wants people in current content, they don't want people to join, play for a bit and then quit because they're stuck in old content and all their friends or guildmates are enjoying the new stuff. Take that desire, combine it with the fact people have always been looking for and using ways to get a faster leveling experience or bypass it altogether, and the fact that with the new expansion's free 90 boost people will just buy multiple copies of the game to get more characters anyway, and it's just easier on everyone for Blizzard to offer the service directly. The people that wanted to do it will use the store instead and find it easier, and the people who hate the idea won't do it themselves. Either way, there's not a lot of collision between the two - their choices don't really affect anyone but themselves.

          I never said the items were great, but you can jump straight into raid content. You were not previously able to do this, you had to run heroics to get geared enough to raid. Personally I prefferred Vanillas (in every way, more than just the raiding/dungeons) way of having to get quest greens or crafted gear, before running dungeons. Then you had to build up resist gear for the raid you wanted to do. Even then, getting an epic drop from a raid was a big deal.

          Miss that sense of achievement.

    Looks a lot better.

    I still think the human models have always been the weirdest looking of all races. Maybe because we have a direct reference point as to how humans should look. They've always looked..... odd.

    New models are looking great though, on all fronts.

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