X Still Looks Awesome

X Still Looks Awesome

The next big Wii U RPG still has no release date — other than "2014" — but it continues to look great.

Made by Monolith Soft, the studio behind 2012's Xenoblade Chronicles, X is the big HD robot RPG the Wii U really needs.


    Loved me some Xenoblade, best JRPG I'd played in years.

    This looks similarly epic. Starting to get some very compelling reasons to pick up a Wii U...

    Morning eyes, thought that .gif was Halo 4 for a moment there.

    Would totally buy a Wii U for this. <3 Xenoblade

    This has me salivating...Xenoblade was an amazing achievement during a dark age of JRPGs.

    It's a shame it's on the Wii U.

    Huge Succeeded!

    I'm loving this Xenoblade love


    Bring on XenUblade!

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