Xbox LIVE Is Having Quite The Sale

Once upon a time brilliant sales was the domain of Steam, console gamers didn't really have an equivalent. But Microsoft has been stepping up to the plate recently. Looking for some relatively cheap game on demand? Then take a look at some of these...

Games on Demand Asura's Wrath for $11.39 Batman Arkham City: $7.48 Dante's Inferno for $4.98 Dirt 3: $7.99 Driver San Francisco: $3.28 Halo Reach for $9.98 Mass Effect: $4.98 RUSE for $3.28

It's almost as if we have a platform holder on console who understands the importance of a good sale!

Xbox LIVE Arcade Alan Wake's American Nightmare for $2.98 Bastion for $2.99 Bit Trip Runner2 for $1.94 D&D Daggerdale for $1.99 Dust An Elysian Tail for $2.99 LotR Guardians of Middle Earth for $1.04 Motorcross Madness for $1.99

Thanks to ReptileScorpio for the heads up!


    Hmm, Driver San Fran might be worth a look at that price.

      It's a surprisingly good game. It's also rather smart but doesn't try to throw the obvious plot twist at the end of the game because you've already figured it out.

        Totally agreed Neo. Matthew K, I will back Neo and also advise that you get in on that awesome price for D:SF.

    Argh - I keep checking these sales week in week out and still no Banjo Kazooie

      They've already had both games on sale before.

        They are also well worth however much they are when not on sale. It's BANJO KAZOOIE/TOOIE.

        I haven't noticed either on sale and I've been paying close attention since 2011

          Well I got them both at reduced prices before.

            Now that I think of it I have Banjo Kazooie on 360 for as long as I can remember and I've never ever played it. I assume it was purchased for a buck or two in some sale.

              I 100% both. Took awhile, especially when I went beyond and got all eggs that couldn't be accessed on the original N64.

              Last edited 18/02/14 10:41 pm

    Good job on them for trying but they're still trailing behind PSN+

    Half of these have already been on sale before.

      In Xbox Live's defence, they hardly started having sales at all before the last few months, but agreed, PSN+ has proven to be faaar better value.

      I'd have thought they'd start giving free games to their Xbox One owners but they've only continued games with gold for 360. Perhaps in six months when there's actually more than half a dozen games out on the One they'll consider it. :/

    The cynic in me says that they've been doing this recently to wring the last dollars out of stuff that will become worthless when people migrate to the Xbone. The lack of backwards compatibility must be causing a severe drop off in the value of their existing library (and make me worry about how long it will be before they start removing 360 games from their servers).

    The miser in me says that these deals are awesome, given that I have no intention of replacing my 360 any time soon. Especially when you consider that I've bought maybe 10 or 15 top quality games on demand for less than $10 each in the past 6 months or so :D

      I would be worried about MS switching off their server for old live content in the next few years.

      I would rather pay the extra few bucks for a physical copy.

        They were well into the XBOX 360 generation by the time they cut off the original XBOX servers weren't they? And I thought XBOX Live was more of less independent of platform now? As in XBOX Live in it's current form, and by extension XBLA Marketplace, will remain open for at least the life of the XBOX One.
        Even if it is using new hardware I'm guessing we'll see Microsoft and Sony both pushing it off as long as possible. It hasn't been done after a generation where digital copies were this successful yet. They both know that even if zero users are logging in per year the first one to pull the trigger on it is going to be walking straight into a bad PR storm, where the second is more likely to succeed in doing it under the radar.

        All that said physical copies for the 360 remove any uncertainty. You may not get them new at those prices but give it time or go used.

    Yeah I usually consider buying something from XBL or PSN to be renting.

    MS closed down their Zune market place recently so anyone who bought music off them lost that as well.


    That was meant to be a reply, I don't know what happened!

    Last edited 18/02/14 9:10 pm

      Weren't music purchases on Zune transferred to Xbox Music as it was what superseded it?

    Everyone grab Driver. One of the4 most underrated games of last gen. 60 frames of open world(ish) driving goodness.

    Also need people to play online with :P

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