Xbox One Trolls Trick People Into Using Bing

When you’re in the middle of an online match against other people, the last thing you want is an interruption — but interruptions are exactly the sort of thing Xbox One trolls will try to induce.

The secret? The trolls use gamertags that are actually Xbox One voice commands. Last time, we saw folks use “Xbox Sign 0ut” to do it. This time, video games brings us footage of trolls that use the gamertag “Xbox Bing.” The set-up is the same: ‘Xbox Bing’ pesters and follows people around in matches of Call of Duty, hoping that the player will get aggravated and say the ‘Xbox Bing’ gamertag aloud — which would then trick their Xbox Ones into searching whatever curses and exclamations the annoyed gamer says.

Kind of silly, kind of genius. And hey, if nothing else, it gets more people using Bing. That’s… good, right?

Xbox One Bing Trolling [YouTube]


  • 1) Why the hell would they actually say “Xbox Bing”? Why not just say “Xbing” for short anyway?

    2) Good? People using Bing good? That’s more hilarious than the idea of people actually getting caught by this

      • Don’t own a next gen console, or even play online. I’m more a single player RPG person myself, and PC Master Race at that. I don’t know, it just seems silly. Why would you say the whole name? If you’re in the midst of combat wouldn’t you be shortening the names into nicknames for convenience?

        • honestly, not really. After seeing the xboxlivesignout video, get this feeling this is staged. The victim voices sound the same.

          • I wouldn’t say they sound the same, but they do sounds as if they were expecting something. As if the guy who’s name it went up to them and say “Hey, can you just, can you just say my name please?”. None of them sound like they were saying it to pose a question or remark to them, just as if they were asked to say it

  • I am not going to shout ‘xbox’ at my xbox. EVER.

    This trolling is exactly the reason why these voice commands should be customized. At the very least the trigger word.

  • Usually it’s Microsoft who try to trick me in to using Bing with hijacks and forced searches disguised as news articles

      • Yes. I think you have misunderstood because I have no idea what you are trying to imply. Microsoft make xbones AND the search engine Bing is also owned/created by them. His point makes perfect sense.

  • Funny
    What this video does do is show us the COD demographic….. One of the reason I can’t ever play it. So so so annoying

      • Its just we had the same article a few weeks back just with a different command. Theres what 50 Xbox commands I hope we don’t see an article for each 😐

  • Why COD Ghosts?Surely Battlefield 4 when a chopper with fully loaded with 4-6 players that the pilot loses control of and crashes in to the ground would be more amusing.

  • I preferred the Sign Out. 1) It had much better reactions, 2) it didn’t sound like people had yet learned quite as well how to voice-control stop-listening/go back etc.
    (Also, there was that one chick who laughed her ass off and won the hearts of millions.)

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