Microsoft Has A Fix For Xbox One Users With New Black Screen Error

Microsoft Has a Fix For Xbox One Users With New Black Screen Error

The latest update for the Xbox One may add a few useful new features, but it sounds like it adds a new bug, as well. Fortunately, Microsoft has an easy workaround.

Some users are reporting that the update gives them a black screen after the system turns on. Users on Reddit report that the result is a screen that flickers various shades of black, while users on the Xbox Forums report a similar issue.

Xbox Support tweeted earlier that they're aware of the problem, and advised an easy way to address it:

@jay_to_the_son We are aware, thank you! If it happens, please power cycle by holding power for 10 seconds. ^BB

— Xbox Support (1-5) (@XboxSupport) February 17, 2014

Always nice when a problem that appears worrying has an easy workaround in the end. We've asked Microsoft if there's anything else users should know about the bug, and will update if we hear back.

[Via Gamespot]


    Happened to me yesterday.
    Turning off & on didn't fix it.
    Ended up turning it off and pulling out the power cord for half a minute or so. That did the trick. Working normally now.

      aye, unplugging the X1 for a bit then starting it up again can fix quite a few issues with the console, mostly dashboard related ones with slowdown, hanging etc.

    So, how do you "hold power" for 10seconds? Is it like when I took over a country and was quickly deposed?

    I had a black screen after exiting Titanfall yesterday, normal power cycle wouldn't fix it, had to hold it in and make it turn all the way off. Once turned back I got the green start screen which indicates a proper cycle.

    Mine did it half way through a Titanfall session, ended up unplugging the PSU to put it into a full shutdown and turning it back on to fix it.

    Try playing Game of Thrones Season 3 on your Xbox One.
    You get to see a few seconds of a pretty red tree then a eternity of black screen.

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