You Can Now Watch All Of The Presentations From Steam Dev Days

This year, what with its focus on the Steam Controller, Steam Machines and virtual reality, Steam Dev Days — a developer focused conference held by Valve — was quite the source of video game news in January. Now you can watch a huge number of the presentations on YouTube. Exciting!

For convenient viewing there's a playlist you can watch here but for easy viewing we've picked out a few interesting ones and posted them below.

Good luck being productive for the rest of the day!

Steam Machines in 2014 — Opening up the Living Room

The Steam Controller

Portal 2 and Team Fortress 2 Alternate Reality Games Q&A

Porting Games to Virtual Reality

What VR Could, Should, and Almost Certainly Will Be within Two Years


    One day Gabe will imprison Bill Gates in carbonite.

    Not all the presentations are up... What ever happened to "Controlling cheats in online gaming"

    His beard is well on its way to levelling up to wizard.

    now i just finished watching the second video and am loving how many questions this is clearing up as well as the future directions

    massive epic congrats to who ever head hunts the best hardware tech which will get as a reward 'every single game on steam'

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