Your Friendly Reminder That Titanfall On PC Requires Origin

Most likely you are used to it now, but just in case you forgot — yes, if you want to play Titanfall on PC, you will have to use Origin.

Considering the game is being published by EA, most likely you knew this was coming, but it was confirmed by Vince Zampella this morning on Twitter.

After revealing the minimum specs required to run Titanfall on PC, one person asked about the Titanfall/Steam situation, asking if Origin was required to play the game. Sadly, the answer is yes, Titanfall will only run through Origin.

How do you guys and girls feel about that situation? Is it an issue? Will it stop you buying Titanfall for PC?


    Origin, I already predicted. But no Aussie servers at launch is a real problem.

      Surely no Aussie servers is a problem for consoles, and not PC?

      Edit: Just did some googling, seems PC will use the same servers as consoles :(

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        COD on X1 doesn't use Australian servers yet seems to have no issues at all. Not sure why it would be a problem in Titanfall.

          Not when you're me it seems... Nothing but games with Asians and damn Americans. And that is all with an extremely shit internet connection.
          Yet with Battlefield my games are perfect because I can actually choose to play with Australians, its epic

      Origin doesn't bother me - never had any issues really. But this whole cloud business - I'm hoping that servers come on-line in Aus SOON after launch :/

    Origin and no aussie servers means I'll be giving this a miss.
    Plenty of other games in the pile of shame to get through anyway.

      as much as i prefer no origin

      I dont get the big deal with the preference over steam?

      i kinda hate both.

      Windows explorer + shortcuts is the best library management application that ive ever used or need

      its only crap like battlelog that annoys me

        I like Steam because it not only keeps track of all the games I have, and lets me back them up neatly and easily, it also downloads and installs all the requirements of games for me. Game needs Dx9? Steam takes care of it. .NET whatever? Steams got that sorted. Some weird ass library? Got it. The fact that it backs up most of my save games is helpful. If I reformat my computer, Steam's got my saves nice and safe. Plus Big Picture mode really helps when I want a gaming PC in the lounge room. And frankly unless I'm pirating it's just easier to buy online. Cheap sales, large range, convenient. Also, the lack of DVD drive in my computer makes it much better to download than run a disk

        As to why I dislike Origin? Frankly, it's the range. Origin hasn't got a nice large library of games that I want. While Steam feels like it's helpful because it's useful for so many games, Ubisoft and Origin just feel like they're forced in because really they're needed for those 5 games you want. While I *like* Steam, Origin I just put up with it because I have to if I want certain games

          thats true about the updating and backup i guess

          i got burnt when i left a bunnyhop script (for fun) on by accident in a cs 1.6 server with VAC on

          Steam vac banned my entire account

          Now i have 1 account for separate categories of games. the biggest one is SP only games obviously

    I don't think that reminder is very friendly.

      I dunno, seemed friendly enough. He can't capitulate, obviously, so all he can do is say that he'll miss the dissenter. He even used a sadface!

        I think it was knowing sad face, Zampella knows they're going to buy it anyway.

    Get better download speeds from Origin anyway and use to play BF4 so not bothered.

    Also navigating origin is so much faster then steam's god awful sloth of an interface. (But I dont ever browse origin anyway so kind of a mute point, I just really hate how terrible that aspect of steam is)

    Last edited 05/02/14 2:23 pm

      Shopping browsing is somehow even worse on Origin. Which is baffling, considering they have a library of a few dozen titles compared to Steam's tens of thousands.

      But yes, Steam's browsing is a fucking abomination for anything not on the featured/new release lists. It NEEDS fixing.

    Will it be more than 6v6 on PC?

      Possibly, but 6 v 6 wasn't imposed as a server limitation, they decided to scale back human players and insert AI to keep the action moving because they found testers tended to do a lot of camping/snipe and it resulted in boring unbalanced games (which has been my problem with COD).

        Origin and limited to 6v6 because consoles (the other reasons given sound like BS) Ug, no.

          I honestly don't know what you're trying to say.

            Seemed like a dig at Origin, and expressing skepticism at the idea that 6v6 was a design choice to influence a desired style of gameplay over the likelihood of catering to console restrictions.

            Personally, I'd buy the design excuse - in the old days Battlefield was usually populated with bots to pad out a 64 player server with only however many humans could/would join and didn't really suffer for it, because it meant you had plenty to shoot at.

            Having loads of AI players probably boosts player enjoyment because they're able to get more than 50% kill/death without actually having to be better than 50% of players, meaning a greater number of players feel the power trip. That makes a lot of sense to me. Especially when you then have the whole monstrous titanic robot shit flying around - trying to portion that out over dozens of players would probably result in a pretty high, "I haven't got a robot yet, this is bullshit," ragequit factor, because obviously not EVERYONE can have a robot, and why are you playing Titanfall if not for the robots?

            (Edit: Also, how is 6v6 a console game restriction when pretty much EVERY OTHER MULTIPLAYER SHOOTER ON A CONSOLE doesn't have that restriction? It's... a real stretch guy. There are plenty of places a console falls down compared to the master race, you don't need to make things up.)

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      6vs6 will be the same on PC, the game is filled with AI soldiers, and the human players are essentially the super soldiers, so it's a gameplay choice, not a technical limitation.

      Really 6v6??, probably should of been paying more attention to this then I have.

        Yeah, 6v6 human players, but the match will be filled with AI players as well.

    Created mine yesterday as soon as i found out it was officially an open beta.

    Now... We wait...

    Am I the only one that sees the irony that people are against something like Origin but are totally fine with Steam which is basically the same thing?

      Not really WP.

      Firstly, steam is already there - some people dislike origin just because they don't want a 2nd bit of software to do the same thing - one store is just fine thanks.

      Secondly, despite similarities between Origin and Steam, there are some differences between EA and Valve that come into it.

        Oh obviously there are differences, but when it boils down to it, in these cases especially if you buy the disc version they are both acting purely as a form of DRM.

          That's like saying that iOS and Android phones are the same thing because they're both smart phone OSes with an app store though.

          'Purely' DRM? Talk about over-exaggeration.

          Steam is a store and library, its primary purpose is to get you the content when you want it so you don't have to have a library of hundreds of DVDs, which are prone to being lost or damaged. (Seriously, I've bought Diablo 2 three times, thanks to that factor.) Having a login is kind of... you know, necessary to enable that functionality, unless they just give all people everywhere a guest login and trust you to only grab the things you own on the honour system.

          Steam is DRM in the same way that a CD key is DRM. You need to go through the activation/registration process once, then you're done, and with Steam it's practically invisible and much faster than typing out a CD key into your installer.

          It's not 'purely' DRM. It has some. Just like your car isn't 'purely' storage space. Its primary purpose is to get you from A to B, and yes, it has some storage space in it, but that's not the primary purpose.

            'Purely' DRM? Talk about over-exaggeration.

            It's not over exaggeration.

            Maybe you use Steam as a store, maybe you use Steam for all those other things. But if I buy a game on a physical disc, I don't expect to need to install something like Steam to play it. As an optional extra, that provides those store and content functions? Sure! But not forced on you. There's absolutely no reason why you'd be forced to install and run a disc copy of a game through Steam except DRM. You can sugar coat that all you want but that's the truth.

              OK, it's 'purely DRM' for an overwhelming minority of customers. Which, again, belies the whole 'primary purpose' thing. To the publishers who made you install Steam, it's a tick-box that has to be there, but it's not the main event. Just like - per earlier analogy - the whole 'storage space' in a car thing.

              Honestly, when was the last time you browsed an EB's PC game section? Practically no-one buys PC games retail on disc, now, that writing's been on the wall for a long time now. There's a reason the NPD spent the last few years analyzing and predicting the complete flat-lining death of PC as a platform while Valve laughed all the way to the bank at them - because the NPD could only track retail sales, not digital. (And it took them YEARS to admit that this was actually an important factor.)

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                Honestly, when was the last time you browsed an EB's PC game section?

                I still buy all my games on disc. Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm, Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite, Fear 3, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Revelations. All of them played on PC, all of them purchased on a physical disc. And all of them required some kind of additional application to run, be that Steam or UPlay. At least with Starcraft, is integrated into the game itself so you don't need to have something else running in the background, but it's still annoying to need to log in if you don't want to play online.

                If you buy a game on a physical disc, you should not need to run it through a service like Steam or UPlay or Origin or anything else. That's why you have a damn disc! If you buy the digital copies, or if they provide those services as optional extras to get bonus functionality or dlc or whatever, then sure, that's fine. But it really pisses me off these days that I can't just buy a PC game, stick in a CD key, install it and play it anymore.

                I don't give two shits about Steam or UPlay or Origin or anything else like that, I just want to play the damn game without needing to go through those. I paid for a damn disc, let me play the game without these services acting as DRM please.

                  And that's great that you do that, but you're a statistical outlier. I know projection and confirmation bias makes that difficult to accept, but it's true.

                  (Edit: And by 'when was the last time you browsed an EB PC games section' I don't mean 'when was the last time you bought retail', I mean, 'Have you seen how shitty and dated their selection is.' I'm not saying you don't drink from the river ganges, I'm saying look at the water quality.)

                  Last edited 06/02/14 10:08 am


                  Regardless of whether I'm a statistical outlier, the fact remains, I'm being forced to install something I don't want to, to play a game that I purchased on physical media. And that shouldn't be a requirement.

                  And to answer the EB games question, I purchased both Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite on the PC during an EB Games sale. The rest were purchased at JB HiFi or GAME during their liquidation sale.

      Not at all. The only two reasons I can usually discern people don't want Origin (for the most part) is because 1) 'Fuck EA' and 2) Steam was here first.

      I have 400+ games on Steam, and 20 odd in Origin, and use both happily. I don't run either on startup, and run them as needed. I also have many games that run outside of both, and also use a third launcher - the launcher. Other titles I run outside a digital platform/launcher like ArmA 2/DayZ/Overwatch, Minecraft, Binding of Isaac, Risk of Rain, Doom, Quake, etc - So my games are already scattered as is. The convenience argument is pretty shaky to begin with, for many of us.

      I understand people wanting all their games in one convenient place, but I think it's a bit silly to say Origin is unnecessary or irrelevant simply because Steam was here first. Competition and diversity is good for everyone, and Origin has come a long way since launch, Sure, Steam is ahead in most departments, but remember - it also had a 10 year head start. I find my download speeds far more consistent with Origin, and it's marketplace feels far faster and responsive to browse.

      My usual analogy is saying because we have Telstra, we don't need Optus, or Vodafone, or anyone. Hell, why do we have more than one TV channel? Remember when people kicked and screamed when Optus entered the market? 'We've got Telstra/Telecom - why the hell do we need Optus?' Competition people, it benefits us all.

      For the record, Steam is my preferred platform - but simply because I have more games on it, and Steam Sales. That's it. Other than that, it's just a matter of which games are for sale on which.

      Last edited 05/02/14 4:24 pm

        Agree for the most part, but having a 10yr head-start is no excuse. You can't aim at where your competition was ten years ago, you have to see what they're doing now, then do at LEAST that (and preferably better if you want an incentive for people to switch). And there's not really much excuse for not being able to do as well, because all the ground has already been broken. You can see what has and hasn't worked and make use of all that trail-blazing. As far as getting the tech to work, etc, that shit should be sorted out before it even hits the sales floor.

        I grunt and reluctantly load a SECOND digital-distribution platform/overlay/memory hog Origin when I want to play ME3 or BF3, but I run it in addition to Steam and wear the performance hit. For my friends and family, Steam chat has completely replaced AIM/ICQ/MSN/whatever. If the performance hit of running both platforms was bad enough that I'd notice it, I'd strongly resent having to shut down my Steam friends list to use a competing product that my friends AREN'T perpetually on. That's a big groan for me.

        Also, the competition idea might be a good one, if EA could actually bother to fucking compete. An inferior, redundant service with sales that barely qualify as such? Not really inspiring Steam to do anything it wasn't already doing. Which is really atrocious since other publishers seem to manage those crazy deals AND give Steam a cut. Whereas, Origin? EA, you greedy fucks, it's YOUR OWN PLATFORM, YOU'RE NOT GIVING A THIRD-PARTY DISTRIBUTOR A CUT. IT'S ALL YOUR PROFIT.
        It's unfathomable.

        Seriously, Origin needs to lift its fucking game. And I don't mean switching to a beige colour scheme. (That was just fucking embarrassing. I felt embarrassed for Origin, like I feel for the characters in an episode of Frasier or Seinfeld.)

        Last edited 05/02/14 11:26 pm

      Personally I'm happy enough to use Steam, Origin, Uplay, etc. The only problem I have with Origin specifically is that about half the time I try to use play something on it, it crashes, fails to log-in, won't update, whatever... EA seem intent on people using Origin for all of their games but can't be arsed spending any time/money actually making it work.

    Thats ok i dont buy anything from EA, I wont miss you. Stike Vector all the way baby!

    If it's an EA game, then it will use Origin. They no longer put games up on Steam so this was expected.

    I have Origin.... I don't give a fuck... I'm not a whiney bitch.

    I'm too old to get annoyed at publishers these days.

      I only get annoyed at Rockstar for maybe(?) not releasing gta5 and Red Dead on pc. I only play PC's so I miss out a lot of games like Last of Us


      Big deal I need to run another software application on my pc.

      Cant believe this is a issue for some. "Oh its a stand against evil EA" bs you would of played and bought on steam.

      I run both and neither run on startup. I only run either of them when I want to use them and don't buy anything from the origin store cause prices suck.

      Simple really.

        yeah, Origin isn't exactly much different in terms of resources than steam to run. Not having localized servers is a way bigger no no.

    "Your Friendly Reminder That Titanfall On PC Requires YOUR SOUL!" fix

    Yeah I'm out

    Not because of origin though, I just don't like multiplayer shooters

      Yeah. Honestly, I was kinda hoping for a campaign. Multi-only does - for me - drop this from 'must-have' to, "Enh, maybe, if it goes on sale."

        If I had a dedicated group of the right size, it'd get a lot more likely but for just me and at most one other... no chance.

    What?!? You mean I have to click this part of the screen to run it instead of that one? Respawn and EA are the Mengele of games. I may as well just kill myself and save them the trouble.

    Last edited 05/02/14 2:48 pm


      *Steam which we also all hated and threatened to boycott years ago but now we don't talk about that because... sales...

    Yep, just like every other time people say they won't get it, yet they do. VOTE WITH YOUR WALLETS, VOTE WITH YOUR WALLETS....... Forget it. People will still buy into this crap.

      Some might, I shall not.

        I'm opting out as well. No sale for me.

          I did not get BF4 because of this. Sucks because I do hear good things about it, but I can't do it anymore. Me not buying it is doing very little in the grand scheme of things but at least it's something.

      I understand what you are saying and agree however I've never liked the saying 'Vote with your wallets.' I dunno why, just bugs me.

      I'm a happy Origin user that preordered Titanfall on PC the moment it was available for preorder. Sorry I ruined it for you.

    Just makes getting this on XBone a no brainer - if it plays ok in OZ.

      Sooooo... You'll probably go into a completely different room and turn on 2 devices instead of just clicking open another program?

        I wish I had another room. I just get to flick the switch between HDMI inputs.

    Lol what. It is not even an unconfirmed issue. The moment it was announced as EA as publisher it was 100% Origin and it is impossible to be somewhere else. Does this even need to be explained and people are still hoping the impossible.

      I mean, yeah, it seems like a no-brainer to me too, but... I can kinda see why some people might've been disappointed and had SOME expectation that they wouldn't do this.

      After all, EA did say that whole thing about not wanting to be voted Worst Company In America again, and you probably would've thought that if they were serious about that, they might try to avoid doing things that people obviously hate. *shrug* False expectations, they clearly decided they don't care that much about getting that vote. I mean... look what they did to beloved Dungeon Keeper.

      Last edited 05/02/14 11:29 pm

    Sweet jesus people who cares.
    Its another client.
    Load the game from it and minimise it.

    Something like Origin wont make me not buy a game.
    In related news i love BF4

      It's a shit client that I won't support. Won't support EA's stance on a lot of other things as well. Plenty of other games for me to play. I was hanging for this, but there are plenty of other games that will eat up my time.

        What makes it shit?

          Thats what id like to know.
          It runs perfectly fine for me.

          I dont want to miss a potentially great game because of the client that downloads it.

    Why would ANYONE think a multiplayer-centric EA game wouldn't use Origin?

      Not to mention it's been available for preorder on Origin for months.

    Welp... If it comes out in a Humble Bundle, I'll get it. That's the only reason I own Dead Space 3. I've bought exactly two games on the origin store and I won't be buying any more.

    I'm a Origin hater from way back, mostly due to how unstable it was during the months I played BF3. Now it works fine. 230hrs of BF4 and no Origin related problems.
    That being said I'll probably pass on Titanfall. BF4 is all the online shooter I need.

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