YouTube Video Quickly Becomes Video Game Acid Trip

YouTube Video Quickly Becomes Video Game Acid Trip

If you only saw this video - by Japanese voice actor and performer Sumire Uesaka - on YouTube, then boy are you missing out.

A rapid-fire tribute to the video games of yesteryear, the clip becomes something else when viewed as it was intended, on the record label's Tumblr. Click play there, and you'll be treated to something that should really be carrying an epilepsy warning.

Or maybe it already does, and I missed that bit when my eyes rolled back into my skull, bleeding.

Note: anime fans might recognise the tune: it's a cover of the ending theme to Hōzuki no Reitetsu.

Parallax View [Tumblr, via prosthetic knowledge]


    On the Tumblr when the sprites are falling down the screen, you can use your mouse to hit them and get points.

      Watching the video on the Tumblr is making my computer lag really bad... But I love the song and the accompanying visuals so much!

      Going by a message I got at the end, if you get enough points, there's some kind of mode unlock. I was 700 points shy of it and was pretty frenetic when catching things so you probably have to be pretty fast to unlock it. Unless it's cumulative across plays.

    I want to buy this song so badly! Does anybody know if it's been released on CD yet? Also, does anybody know where I can get the rest of her music? I checked some of it out and I can definitely say I'ma a fan.

      It's on sale 5th of March in Japan, unfortunately it's with King Records so little hope of it hitting international iTunes I'm guessing. The Japanese iTunes link for her is

      You can buy Japanese iTunes cards online and create an account with a fake address (mine is a pizzahut in Tokyo iirc). You can also import the CD (CDJapan, Yesasia or are the most common sites for foreign buyers) or pirate it, though since she's not a big name I'm not sure how easy it will be to find. Maybe because of kotaku it'll be a bit easier now.

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