Zelda... In First Person...On The Oculus Rift

Maybe changing the perspective on the original Legend of Zelda is a little weird — everything looks so different here — but that's exactly what makes this Oculus Rift version of the game interesting. Its almost like you're playing (or in this case, watching) an entirely new game.

Right now, this version of Zelda is in beta according to Vaecon — and only the overworld and first dungeon are available. The full version of the game drops on March 2014. For now, you can download the beta version of the game for the Oculus Rift here.

And when you're done with that, remember: you can also play Zelda II as a first person shooter too.

Legend of Zelda BETA on the Oculus Rift [Vaecon]


    There might not be an Oculus Rift soon, a a manufacturer has ceased production of a part that the OR needs.

    Certain components used in the Oculus Rift developer kit are no longer being manufactured, meaning they are no longer available to us for production. As a result, we don't have the necessary materials to produce additional kits. We still have some stock available, but we're quickly running out. We are looking into alternate sources for the needed components, and we don't yet have a timeline for when additional units will be available.


      It prevents dev kits, but I haven't heard anything about it preventing the final versions.

      See now why isn't this a bloody news article?

      Due to the massive popularity of the Rift, i highly doubt they will be without parts for too long, some company will jump in

      They are only parts for the devkit version, which is now out of date anyway. I'm honestly surprised they are still making existing devkits at all.
      This will have no effect of any kind on the comapny or their commercial product.

    Whoa. I would get so lost! Thank goodness it was designed for top-down play!

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