Zero Punctuation Finally Reviews Dark Souls, And It's Great

I knew I wasn't alone. There's something in the air. Dark Souls is in the air. It's a combination of a few things. The sequel is coming out soon, it's a game that looms large on many people's pile of shame. There's also the fact that Dark Souls is a disease. As soon as someone starts talking about it, three other want to play.

One end result is this: Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw of Zero Punctuation fame has, over two years after the game's release, actually reviewed Dark Souls. And if you're a fan of the series, you'll find that it's brilliantly on point.

And after years of listening to Yahtzee completely destroy every game he plays in an eloquent and frequently hilarious fashion, it's a lot of fun to listen to him talk about a game he actually likes.

Of course, he still finds things to hate. That's part of the hilarity.


    The game has not so much caught the zeitgeist as it has invaded it, snuck up on it, backstabbed it and stolen its souls.

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    So it's only news worthy when Yahztee says something positive?

    Anyways, if you follow his Youtube channels version of Lets Play he calls "Let's Drown Out" you can listen to him go into more detail about his progress through the game. One thing he didn't mention in the review was the difficulty spikes the game has, like the double Gargoyle attack.

      trying to find that video...

        No, he hasn't done a playthrough on Dark Souls, he's talked about in during playthroughs on other videos. I think his second last video he talked about Dark Souls for like, 80% of the video.

      I thought he alluded to that when he mentioned the boss fight on the roof.

    So what's first Mark, renaming yourself via depol to be officially "Mark DarkSouls Serrels", or the name of your next kid, "Dark Souls Serrels" :P

      He will carry 10 Estus flasks around with him at all time. Filled with porridge.

        Filled with porridge and gloriously incandescent honey.

    Man this guy has been doing these videos for years now.

    I dunno, I used to think he was clever but now I think he's just bitter for some reason.

    He did actually review Demon's Souls back when it was new.

      He also did a mini review of Dark Souls at the start of one of his other reviews, essentially saying something along the lines of "Whatever I said for Demon's Souls, repeat it for Dark Souls".

    Funny thing is Yahtzee did a review of Demons Souls where he clearly stated he disliked it. This is despite the fact it is made by the same developers, features many of the same mechanics and Dark Souls was its sequel in everything but name. Funny to see this turn around.

    Also if I remember rightly primarily his biggest gripe was the games difficulty!

      I actually did not like Demons Souls at all, but found Dark Souls to be my favorite game of all times

    It's a good video. It covers the same initial hurdles I had, and lambasts the zealots for the same smug superiority that I encountered.


        Not you guys. :) Just the evangelists who like to go in other forums and rag on 'easy' games because they're not properly hard like Dark Souls, and finally a game which is sorting the chaff from the wheat of a market plagued by casual-gamer crap etc, etc, elitist garbage.

        That kind of talk belies the fact that the game is never unfair, it's not 'Nintendo hard' (cheap difficulty from the 80s-90s), and never takes away your permanent progress, allowing you to retry to your heart's content or come back with levels under your belt as a handicap.

        That whole, 'no girls casuals allowed' gloating I've seen in places is a definite turn-off for people who value their time too highly to bother with something that's pointlessly difficult; which is a shame because Dark Souls isn't.

        (Edit: I mean, I get that people are happy and enthusiastic, but from the outside? It's a barrier. And barriers are bad.)

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          I kind of found it sloppy. My forward jumping attack would miss a little more than I qwas comfortable with, I know no game controls perfectly but you could tell the game wasn't responding properly. Some of the stuff felt like you had to cheese it to get by. And the fact that some stats were never explained was kind of .... I dunno, felt like it was artificially trying to add complexity. I'm, not an elitist, in fact I don't think Dark Souls was very hard, but it just felt sloppy. I'm looking forward to the sequel though, I really love the vibe and intent of the game, so I hope they tighten up the experience with DS2.

          PS. People who think they're gaming gods for being good at Dark Souls, they are sad. There's WAAAAY harder stuff out there. If anything, I'd tell these people that in the realm of super hard games, Dark Souls is the casual, accessible game, it's a great entry point into the world of hard games.

            Dark Souls was never hard. Just unforgiving. Rewards patience and knowledge far more than skill or twitch reflexes and punishes you severly for stuffing up.

              That's a good way of putting it, you could never really go into auto pilot, you had to pay attention and respect every enemy. I really like that vibe of it. And I'm glad a lot of people realised this too, that too much forgiveness and hand holding in games limit the amount of accomplishment you can feel. As far as knowledge goes, I guess you ere supposed to research stuff online and the community was supposed to figure out things as a community. I didn't really like that aspect of it, but that's just my personal tastes. I like to shut everyone out and play single player games.

    best bit of the review "playing with a lobster on each bollock"

    The dig at the Dark Souls community with the messages (lol post its) was right on the money.

    I just don't get the Painkiller references.

    Seriously, I just cannot be the only person who can't stand that game. Hey look, more random shit, and here I am just holding down left mouse button, yet again.

    When I tell my friends how much I hated Painkiller, the way they talk is as though I got a different game in the same packaging.

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