This Is Watch Dogs' Version Of Chicago

True story: when I was 19 years old I was robbed in Chicago while staying in a hostel. I've always had a bad view of it since then. But that might all change with Watch Dogs, which is set in Chicago. This new trailer released by Ubisoft focuses on the city itself, and Watch Dogs' representation of it.

This is my chance. I will wreak havoc on the city of Chicago. You stole my wallet Chicago! I had $60 in there. I was going to use that to buy... McDonalds or something. You bastards.

Anyway... this is yet another chance to pore over footage and search for evidence of 'visual downgrades'. That, or you could marvel at yet another incredibly built video game city. Completely your choice.


    Does it recreate The Bean? Trippiest mirrored sculpture ever!

    A friend of mine was robbed at an ATM last week in Chicago... What is with that place? I was planning on visiting in October (want to check out the haunted sites, Resurrection Mary, etc), but I haven't heard a positive story yet.
    On the bright side, never had an issue in any other American city...

    Yay, Watch Dogs! =D

    That title... ;)

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    Concerns about the visuals are warranted. It looks like trash.

      Because all games with bad graphics are rubbish...

        It's a promo trailer. Promo trailers usually lie and run on PC hardware at max graphics. This video is running below what is expected of even PS4 hardware, so something is wrong. I never said anything about it being a bad game ..

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          I thought you were referring to the game being rubbish not just its graphics...I still think the nighttime looks pretty decent, day looks a bit washed out though

    Reply fail to @tricache:

    No no, I don't know enough about the game to make an honest opinion about it :P But open-world GTA-style and hacking sound pretty neat!

    Yeah, day does look washed out, things are blurry and jaggy too. Looks like GTA. :\

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    Seems to be a bit like ACIV on next-gen where the visuals are stuck between the new & old consoles. Not convinced its pushing the new consoles that hard especially if you compare it back to back with Infamous Second Son

    Hey everyone! Please sign my Petition for Watch Dogs, thanks! :)

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