9 Things To Know About The PS4's Virtual Reality Headset

Sony only just officially announced the existence of a virtual reality headset they're working on, named Project Morpheus, so you can imagine details will still be trickling in as we learn more about this Oculus Rift competitor.

Enter PlayStation Access, who have a few more details about this headset. They cover a little bit about the design of the headset itself, and some other cool details like how multiplayer will work when gaming with it on the PS4.

We'll have impressions of the headset for you from GDC soon. In the meantime you can read more about our impressions of the latest iteration on the Oculus Rift. You know, to tide you over on your VR news for the day.


    1) Working title is Project Morpheus.
    2) System consists of a processing unit and head mounted unit, which connects to the PS4 via USB and HDMI. Also designed to distribute weight around your head, for optimal comfort.
    3) Visor equipped with a landscape scanning full HD LCD display, capable of displaying resolutions of 960 x 1080 (wait, that's not full HD) to each individual eye.
    4) Equipped with high sensitivity accelerometer sensor, and gyroscope.
    5) Can detect movement of Dualshock 4 or Move controllers.
    6) Can output image to a regular screen, so other people can watch, or join in with a Dualshock 4. Multiplayer also possible with other headset users, but only over PSN, because each headset requires a dedicated Playstation Eye camera.
    7) Features 3D stereoscopic sound for extra immersion.
    8) Not going to just be used for games i.e Blu-Ray content. Also a collaboration with NASA, so you can potentially explore the surface of Mars etc (holy shit!).
    9) Demo units will be at GDC featuring content like Thief and EVE Valkyrie.

      960 X 1080, but there are 2 displays at that resolution, giving a total across the 2 of 1920 X 1080.

        The same technique they used to render killzone multiplayer on ps4. Still looks great

      Thank you @evilmonkey

      I would love to offer you a job at Kotaku, for doing something as simple as what you did about, which seems to be far too complex for the "staff" who work at this site

      Again, thanks for the summary!

        When do I start?

          Never. Youre supplying too much info. Write "AND THATS A GOOD THING!" after every heading you publish... see? Told you. Now be unqualified and *proud*.

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      USB and HDMI for the processing unit you say? Now I really wish they had put some USB ports on the back now.

      Most meaning information I have ever seen on Kotaku/Giz. And you even did it without a gif.

    Every time I see your name on here I get that "Evil, Evil monkey" song from the episode where Chris forms a goth band stuck in my head. Anyway, that NASA thing sounds awesome.

      Oh shit.... 'twitch roves mars... coming soon' lol

    After hearing the Oculus guys talk about the difference between their OLED and regular LCD it will be interesting to see what the pixel switching time is on Sony's unit.
    If interested look at the screen difference between the Oculus DK1 and DK2.

    I like this from Sony. I'm my mind they are normally so boring/safe and have no innovation. They just copy other big ideas. It's something like this that could make me buy a ps4. Even if it fails I applaud the trial.

      They did have those dildos for the PS3 which weren't too bad.

        Really? Oh man the way youve typed that I wanna be terrible.but I just cant lmao.

          Don't hold back!

          Also you have an arch nemesis now that's down-voting all your posts! :O

            That's @dashals, somethings wrong with him, I think I must've said something along the line that offended his sensitivities lol. Glad someone else notices he's doing it lol. Been going on about a year now, kind of flattering someones got a crush on me and keeps going on like that.

            Checking the profile though, looks like it might be someones alt?

            He's been asked multiple times why he does it, but he's never actually had the fortitude to speak up, just keeps downvoting away. Shows a major lack of character on his part.

            What's interesting is, if you look at it from a teaching standpoint, it's gone from funny, to what could be compared to a variant of cyberbullying, where you consistently bug someone over a long period of time for no apparent logical reason. It might be just a downvote, but I seem to be one person he's singling out repeatedly for some reason. *shrug* I'm not gonna lose sleep over it, but oh well. If that's what gets him off.

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              It's fun.

                @Dashals But I'd like to know, what started it and why have you continued to downvote everything I've put up for almost a year?

                I'm asking you to stop because I'm actually sending this in to Kotaku now. It's become harassment and it's not really that funny any more. If you genuinely disagree with something that's cool, but downvoting everything for shits and giggles is just really stupid and annoying, plus its kind of anti-community after a while?

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        Hahah yeah they did but it was a wiimote direct ripoff. And the share button just a rip of miiverse. Obviously they are different in detail but same concept. This is actually new

    Is there an indicative price?
    I have tried the newer Rift that is the same resolution and it is certainly good-enough to impress the masses. Not perfect, but certainly good enough to blow most people away.

    Sony is smart getting the NASA thing sewn up, they need some good games to go with it, but if they can get a good driving game, the Eve thing, NASA stuff and a mech game, I'm in.

    Oh man, I wish they had bought LucasArts, I know it's nerdy but I would kill to play X-Wing vs Tie-Fighter on this. They could paint it up to match the rebel or tie helmet colours.

      but if they can get a good driving game, the Eve thing, NASA stuff and a mech game, I'm in.

      No doubt, VR headset capability is the reason why Drive Club was delayed.

        Interesting theory EM. That would actually make sense.

        I'd be all for that sort of integration, anyone who'd be against that sort of depth in a driving, or flying game would have to be anti-progression, can you imagine the immersion it would provide???

          Damn straight.

          Drive club with VR headset and steering wheel = so much awesome.

            Oh hell yeah. Even something like, can you imagine the next Mirrors Edge game using it!?

        You can check out the list shared by Thuway below:

        Sony Santa Monica project
        Media Molecule project
        Gran Turismo 7
        Something else from Japan

        This line-up looks good, as Yoshida himself mention during GDC presentation that racing/driving games are best applications of Virtual Headset for PS4. What you guys have to say about the above line-up leaked by insider Thuway?

        Last edited 20/03/14 10:40 am

          Is it a bit disturbing they took so long to put out GT5, now they seem to put out 6 and possibly 7 so quickly!?


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