A Brutally Honest Trailer For Mario Kart

"Witness the incremental evolution of franchise-based go-kart combat racing!" Yup, that's Mario Kart in a nutshell.

This fake advertising clip from Smosh Games for Nintendo's long-running vehicular competitive game throws down some rough truths about the stuff we love to hate in Mario Kart. Raise your hands if you liked two-man karts. Keep 'em up if you hate "bullshit."

And, seriously, what the eff was up with that steering wheel accessory for Mario Kart Wii? Did anybody actually test that thing?


    MARIO KART 64 – NOW IN HD!!!

    2005’s huge leap in brightly coloured graphical fidelity, coming to a Nintendo console near you!
    Four player split screen, now occasionally above 15fps! Better dust off those shit Wii-Mote/ Nunchuck combinations because your Gamecube controllers are NO LONGER SUPPORTED!!!
    Online systems also upgraded to 1998 standards! Goodbye friend codes! Now if only you knew someone else who owned a WiiU.

      had that for a while with project 64 with 1920x1200 res, 16x AF and 8x AA.

    I wish they didn't screw with battle mode. The best part was after you die driving around as that bomb to ram the jerk/best friend who took your last balloon.

    Mario Kart teaching kids to be vindictive grudge holding little ****s since 1992.

    I have enjoyed them but Double Dash really worked well and than they abandoned that style completely.

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