A Fresh Reminder Why Fanboys Are Stupid

I put this to you, Xbox fanboys (although it's of course equally applicable across all platforms): If you love console so damn much you indeed qualify as a fanboy, one who adores Microsoft and despises Sony and Nintendo, what does it say about you when one of the execs running Xbox itself owns and enjoys not just a PS4, but a Wii U as well?

Microsoft's Phil Spencer sat down with Geoff Keighley for an informal chat at SXSW, footage of which has now been uploaded online. They talked about a lot of things - Shenmue comes up twice - but the highlight is probably when the conversation shifts to fanboyism.

"I don't know if it's my favourite part of the industry, but there seems to be this natural faction that gets created around what console you own", Spencer says. "There's this... I would call it unhealthy dislike of people who own the other console".

"I love the fans that we have," Spencer later adds, "but I don't think being a fan of Xbox does not mean you can't be a fan of something else, or you have to be an anti-fan of some other brand. At least I'm not. I own a PlayStation 4, I play games on a PlayStation 4. I own a Wii U, I play games on my Wii U. I learn a ton from what happens on those other platforms."

An Interview With Phil Spencer Highlights from the SXSW Gaming Expo 2014 [YouTube, via Gamasutra]


    'People running around, plugging them into each other,and doing their kind of home-lan parties with that console'.. Until MS stopped that by forcing people to have an XBOX Live subscription, even for XBOX's in the same room.

      Huh? This is news to me. You need Xbox Live for system link now? :/

        Go play any Forza game other than the original on your 360 or XB-ONE via system link. Go ahead, then get back to me.
        MS has been removing system link for a long time on Studio's games that it owns, all in a petty cash-grab that has nothing to do with gamers.

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        According to microsoft support, system link has been removed for XBOX-ONE.
        I asked why it was removed and was told "The Xbox One is focused on making Xbox Live a great experience", so no system link any more.

          Apparently it's the same for both next gen consoles. That's really disappointing. :/

      What are you on about? You don't need XBL for home LAN parties set ups.

        Yes you do, they have removed system link from nearly all MS owned games.

      Yeah that's just wrong. Did it about a month ago

        Really? Modern games still do system link? I didn't know any of them did any more.

          Yeah we did halo 4.... I guess that moderish?

        Really, you have System Link running on the XBOX ONE? I haven't seen it supported.

          Well i had no idea about this until i saw your reply so i read a few articales and apparently both xbox one and ps4 do not have systen link!!! My previous comment was About The 360. That still doesn't need live.

          That really really sucks. Not because you have to have a live account (the xbox isnt really worth having wihtout gold subscription in opinion) it's just not necessary and now we have to make sure internet is available.... and a GOOD connection for 4 consoles.

            Exactly, it is a dick move especially here where there is no way to get a good enough connection.
            MS started removing it from most titles as the 360 went on anyway, to try and push people onto live. Halo was the only title I can think of that kept it.

              If you bad mouth one you bad mouth them all. It is evident from your comments that you dislike MSFT more than Sony and it is your prerogative to say what have you but in the interest of open discussion you should mention all parties that fall under the same category.

    Being a fanboy of one console doesn't mean you refuse to play the others. I was a SNES fanboy which meant I hate a hot hatred for the Megadrive. Still played it heaps, though!

      Oh yeah, and drawing pictures of Mario doing truly terrible things to Sonic.

      ...Then going to your mates' place to play that brand new Sonic and Knuckles with him.

    Ps4 fanboys are alot worse...why single out MIcrosoft?....again? Dont believe me? Check out the Top comments on every GameSpot article relating to Microsoft.

      I don't know about that. I think there are people on both sides that can be just as bad.

        Check out the ign comments anything that has word Xbox in it gets 10k comments most are Sony trolls

      To be fair, that's only because they're the ones with the minor advantage at the moment because the PS4 is performing better out of the gate than the XB1. In the last generation it was 360 dickheads clinging to the top of their cage, howling and throwing their shit at the PS3 ones for not having as many games or having poorly optimised games or whatever advantage the 360 had in the discussion (assuming they managed to make discussion relevant howls).

      Give it 2 years for the bumps in both to even out and the screeching gibbon chorus will settle down into an even white noise you can kind of tune out

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        Hope so sick of these stupid kids at each other's throat there just games get both like I did problem solved

          I don't see the point of touting one console over the other. If you sit a console on a bench without a game, it's a lovely little brick. That's all it is.

          It's the games that matter, not the console. I've made jokes in the past, good natured ones but that's it. I love games, no matter the platform. I'm getting an xbox one midyear, a wii u this christmas for my son (hes dying to get one) and again, we'll have all this generations consoles. Wtf is the point of missing out on games? A true gamer is platform agnostic, they don't care about the brand, they just care the game is *good*. And if the game is multiplatform, they then have the opportunity to seek out the best version of the damn game.

            I suspect that the only real reason a lot of this happens is when, for one reason or another, a person can only have one of the consoles and has to salve their uncertainty with unjustified arrogance & hatred for every other option. Some kind of psychological defence against 'the grass is always greener' syndrome. Just somewhere along the way psychological has become borderline psychotic...

              Oddly enough that *was* the initial birth of the first few console wars ie. Ninty vs Sega. When as kids we could only ever convince the parents for *one* expensive electronic toy.

              What makes it rather sad is while it was perfectly understandable back in our good old days of youth it seems a majority of people have never *really* grown up past that since a good chunk of these "console fanboys" are also what the law technically sees (age wise) as "mature aged" people now. I mean I can understand the financial reasons but one would assume being "older would mean wiser"... not really the case obviously =P

            I wish I could upvote this comment more than once. Pretty much exactly what I was going to say.

            I definitely agree with you, but the brand sometimes makes a big difference.

            I can't help thinking that it's like if you like seafood... you shouldn't care about who fishes it up. But if one company heartlessly slaughtered dolphins in their mission to get tuna in your stomach... you might take offense to it. This is kind of how I see Microsoft with their Xbone DRM and backflip. They don't now... but how dare they before! The Xbone is still a very nice console(the only "next-gen" game that I was keen to play was DR3), I'm just not buying one, mainly due to money, but partially due to the butthurt that I still feel(I still like my 360 though). Nintendo is like Ma and Pa's Ye Olde Fishing Company, that you want to support but they're struggling vs their new competitors with typically better products. They still have the exclusive on mean anchovies. Sony's PS4 debut at E3 sold me with their game sharing and cheaper price... and to mix metaphors once again, it's like they were the coffee shop which gave friendly service and a smile in direct contrast to Microsoft's rude(not even neutral) service.

            Console popularity can also be important for whether a console survives or not. Take the Dreamcast. An absolutely brilliant system... but it pretty much died due to Playstation. I think the Wii U(although I've never used one) is in a similar boat here... it may be great, but it's struggling mainly due to it's competitors(as they have basically have better hardware/confidence/games).

            I just wish we lived in a world where people actually could make good natured jokes. Would totally love it if people didn't put on their imaginary lawyer/wall street hat whenever Sony or MSFT make one.

        Is it performing better out of the gate though?

          Well it's selling better, games seem slightly more optimised or at least devs seem not to be having trouble pushing the hardware to 1080p, it's not bundled with an unpopular peripheral. I can see all of those seeming like a slight advantage.

          Or possibly it's the undeniable proof that your choice of console was the right one and by extension you are perfect in every way therefore everyone who disagrees with you is wrong and thus must embody whatever pre-exiting prejudices you hold.

          Depends how insane you are.

        I just imagined two giant cages of monkeys flinging poo at each other. Such an accurate description.

        Then there's a third cage of monkeys sipping tea, pretending to be sophisticated and cordial to each other, the PC Monkeys.

        Then the PC monkeys hear the little monkey in the corner 'My new version of my banana bunch grows faster than your banana bunch, it grows ten times the amount of bananas in half the time!' and the insanity in the PC cage starts...

        Last edited 15/03/14 12:10 pm

          And a cage of pygmy marmosets meekly saying "You know we were wiggling our arms about before any of you guys" whereupon all 3 other cages turn as one and shout "SHUT UP! YOU'RE NOT EVEN REAL MONKEYS YOU FILTHY CASUALS!" and all throw shit at them together in a brief moment of ironic unity.

      I think they were just using MS as a launching point given the quote from the Xbox commander and chief. The fact remains irrefutable for PC Fanboys, PS Fanboys and Nintendo fanboys as well. They're all as pathetic as each other. Embrace games, not the console.

      It's not about a particular platform. The article makes a point of this - the problem isn't XBox fanboys, it's fanboyism in general.

      There are good games on most platforms. Play the games you like. Accept that not everybody likes the same games, and some people will prefer the games available on a different platform. People are different; this is, broadly speaking, a positive thing.

      Well there's a surprise. Microsoft fanboy believes Sony fanboys are worse.
      I hate to burst your bubble, but you're all as bad as each other.

      They're probably talking about Microsoft fanboys in the article because the guy being interviewed is from Microsoft, talking about Microsoft fanboys.

      Just a guess.

      Fanboys on both sides are just as bad. As for how many there are: it depends what site you frequent.

      Eurogamer is generally PC based (Although in the past they had a strong xbox following but that has died down this gen in favour of the PS4) and Kotaku is generally xbox orientated etc.

      You could also debate that it could relate to the sales of each system. If the PS4 is selling more, which I believe it is, then there are more guys talking about the PS4.

      In the end it's all subjective and they are only machines anyway.

    I would say that he is both a real gamer and getting experience in what features they have he can steal, and good for him. Not that I am a fanboy of any system myself, having a healthy scene with lots of players is good for everyone.

    But Sony with their arrogance towards, well, everything not Sony, is rather amusing since MS could buy them with the loose change they find behind the executives loungeroom couch. And if they tried, the Sony board would have to accept or face shareholder lawsuits.

      Sony can't afford MS and MS can't afford Sony, otherwise it would've happened by now. Simple fact. Both companies aren't as arrogant as the fanboys like to make out, infact, quite often it's the internet that exacerbates things beyond what they really *are*. Sure, Sony makes some dick moves such as the tweet the other day, but MS has had its fair share in the past. But, before people go suggesting these guys hate each other, the realities of life are, these guys all actually know each other. They know each other, they *like* each other and they enjoy ribbing each other like this. It's good natured corporate ribbing that they do. Otherwise this shit would be ending in lawsuits all the time. But, then the fanboys take it, run with it and fucking bay for blood no matter what side has done what... ugh.

        But, then the fanboys take it, run with it and fucking bay for blood no matter what side has done what... ughEffectively they're people who believe pro wrestling is real

          Oh god. My uncle thinks pro-wrestling is real lmao. He's 54 and still thinks it is...

          Lets make a list. He also believes:

          * In the 12 foot tall reptiloids that 'created us'
          * That Obama is a terrorist
          * That the Aussie Govt. is secretly working hand in hand with the CIA and NSA to distribute tracking tags via vaccinations...
          * The Moon Landing was faked...
          * JFK was never assassinated, that it was staged as a distraction so he could go into hiding... (from what?!)
          * The Titanic never sank, it was really blown up. (Wtf right?)
          * The Jewish holocaust never happend (WTF RIGHT?)
          * Hitler summoned demonic forces and conquered half of europe this way. (Probably played too much Wolfenstein or Doom...)

          I'm pretty sure he needs a catscan or something. He's not really all there... and that list is just SOME of the stuff I can remember off the top of my sane head.

            well, 1/8 ain't bad.

              You're just trolling right... lol.

                I'd be willing to get behind the "Jesus was a lizard" movement. That sounds way more fun than regular Christianity.


                  Tell me about it!!!!

                Come on, man, where do you think id Software got their ideas, back in the 90s?

            I think it was the Brittanic that got blown up by either Undersea mines or German U Boats in WW1. The Titanic was the famous one, it was the 2nd one as the Olympic had already been operating the same route the Titanic took for a year.

            The Nazis where researching anything and everything, they built a plane and equipped it not with machine guns but Nunchuks... Not even joking. And yes they where seriously researching the occult. Porsche also designed a tank that was 14 meters high (5 stories high) Basically a land Battleship.

    You can throw it in their faces all you want, it'll never lead these people to maturity.

    I mean just look at the comments, most people aren't even aware of their own idiocy and feel free to generalise based on WHAT VIDEO GAMES YOU PLAY and companies they have nothing to do with in a business they don't understand. Yeah, that's right! It sounds like an even more crazy reason to be a prejudiced idiot but again... they just don't seem to know.

    Last edited 15/03/14 11:44 am

      In a way you could look at it as progress, prejudice is moving on from things like gender or ethnicity* into more transitory things like consoles that last at most a decade. This generations bitter enemy might be next generations staunch ally...

      *if only it really were

    I have all of last gens consoles. And the gen before that. I'm a video game fan in general but do prefer my xbox over all the others every generation. People love to have favorites and have a side or be on a team. It is no different from holden and ford or man u vs man city.

      The last one is easy, both soccer teams Suck :)

    Microsoft before E3
    "We are going to destroy Sony!"
    Microsoft after E3
    "please be nice."

    After you have watched you favorite machine slide slowly from its success, mourned it's passing and clinged onto desperate hopes it would be resurrected (Amiga - May you RIP) you learn not to put your faith in any of them.
    Today's fanboys are tomorrow's browncoats

    Psychologically sound adults do not engage in this pathetic rubbish called "fanboyism" - little brats are little brats, and adults with a jerk complex are adults with a jerk complex. I refuse to believe any mature person would seriously give two craps about the choice in consoles/games of another person. If they do; they clearly aren't mature adults with a sound mind.

    This "non-issue" isn't even worth the time of day.

      Well. Adults do engage in tribalism. (Claiming allegiance to Left/Right politics without actually knowing jack shit about the issues, sports teams, football codes, etc.)
      And a big part of fanboyism is tribalism.

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