A Game Of Pac-Man That's Also A Mesmerising Symphony

A Game of Pac-Man That's Also A Mesmerising Symphony

It's always lovely when the cultural iconography of gaming fuses with other forms of art to become something new, wonderful and different. Six Pacmen is one such work of art.

Six Pacmen is an interactive performance piece by Tacit Group and an adaptation of a piano composition named Six Pianos by famed minimalist composer Steve Reich. It takes the original work and forces it's participants to play a game based on Pac-Man to complete the song. When a level is beaten, the song moves on to the new measure.

Simply beautiful.

Tacit Group via prosthetic knowlage


    This was not the interesting idea I thought it was going to be. This was just the same idea that's been done in Bit.Trip.Runner and Chime.

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