A Game Where You Decide What Your Companions Say (And How They Say It)

A Game Where You Decide What Your Companions Say (And How They Say It)

Freedom Wars is the upcoming hunting game for the PS Vita where you play a prisoner working off a million year sentence. In the game, players work together along with android companions called "Accessories". Apparently these Accessories can talk and I want to hear what they have to say.

In Freedom Wars, Accessories act as both observers and partners in combat. When players first start the game, they can customise both their own character, and the Accessory that will fight with them. According to this week's Weekly Famitsu, players can customise not only an Accessory's gender and visual features, but their voice as well.

Utilising the technology of Hitachi's voice synthesising engine, Ruby Talk, players will be able to create predetermined dialog options for their Accessory. Editing options include not only the standard pitch, volume and speed, but details not normally seen like accents and intonation, to create a more organic, almost human-like voice.

A Game Where You Decide What Your Companions Say (And How They Say It)

There is also the option of setting how individual phrases are used. The article does not go into specifics, but one can hypothesise that you can have your Accessory say different things at the start or end of missions or different responses to different commands. It all sounds pretty complex, but it could definitely help to make for a more individualized game experience.

Hopefully there will be restrictive features in place to keep players from having their Accessories screaming obscenities or X-rated lines during multi-player matches, but I'm sure there will be players who will try to bypass such restrictions.

Freedom Wars is scheduled for release on the PS Vita in Japan this year. No word on an international release.

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    And, because of the speech software, we will probably never get a release in the west.

      Apparently Ruby Talk Supports english, so don't give up yet!


    Looks quite interesting! I might just have to import it if it never gets an English release, which I doubt it will tbh, Japanese is easier to synthesize than English. Yay for region free :)

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