A Collection Of Painful-Looking Parkour Fails

Usually, when we show you parkour, it's footage of successful, awe-inspiring runs. The point is to highlight finesse in movement. But actually getting to that skill level takes a lot of practice — and failed runs.

And boy, do those failed runs look painful judging from this compilation video by Uniformedia. I couldn't help but cringe at nearly all of these. It kind of makes me wonder what the casualties of awesome, injury-less parkour videos actually are — cause the 'fails' aren't the sort of thing we typically get to see!

Ultimate Parkour Fail Compilation 2014 || [Uniformedia]


    God I feel sorry for the guys who smash their faces on something hard!

    Though the rest are funny XD

      Its the smashing of other parts that make me cringe.

      Don't feel too sorry. Stupid is as stupid gets. These compilations are awesome and hilarious.

      Not sure how people hurting themselves is funny? The only funny ones were the guys pants getting stuck on the pole and the successful flip followed by running into the blue box.

        Yeah, the blue box one had milk coming out of my nose.

    Some of those are just plain scary. Do these guys realise how close they are coming to living the rest of their lives not being to move from the neck down. Like seriously, maybe just a helmet or something would be a good start.

    Yes, obviously I am a huge risk taker in life.

      Wearing a helmet is actually more likely to cause injuries doing parkour, than prevent them. For example, the rolls that allow you to... not die... would be next to impossible with the added bulk of a helmet. Also, given that a core part of parkour is about being able to move when you don't have any specialised equipment, training with reliance on equipment is a recipe for disaster.

    Wow the human body can take quite the punishment..........

    Who knew watching natural selection at work would be comedy gold?

    Sorry to be that guy, but what has this got to do with videogame news or videogame culture?

      Hey, look on the bright side. At least Patricia isn't complaining about something :-)

    I think natural selection stopped working.

    That awkward moment when you realize gravity actually works...

    I can tell you everytime i see something painful in that video, I felt this cringe/sensation right between by nuts and my anus.

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