Act Like A 90s Hacker In This Recreation Of Jurassic Park

90s hackers were the absolute best. They solved problems, they broke into the 'mainframe', they typed really fast. One of my all time favourites occurred in Jurassic Park when Samuel L. Jackson attempts to get the park back online! Now someone has totally recreated that whole system and put in a web browser. You can totally screw up just like Samuel L. Jackson.

This is amazing.



    It's a UNIX system! I know this!

      That film is often unfairly derided for that scene. But the truth is that it really *was* a UNIX system. Or more technically, IRIX. Presumably they used what they had available in their effects department, which given that it was the 90s was SG workstations. The crazy graphical thing that they subsequently fly around the files and everything in wasn't some made-up crap for the movie either, it's fsn ('Fusion') and was a real piece of IRIX software. Not particularly useful or practical but definitely not something made up either.

        I don't know that it's unfair to deride that scene, it's pretty silly when taken in a larger context. BUT. Very neat bit of trivia with the 'fsn' component of IRIX. Hadn't actually realised that.

        Next thing you're going to tell me that the file system in "Hackers" was based on something real too.

          Floating around in a CGI cityscape that kind of looks like it's made of circuitry is how I do all my hacking.

        Yeah, the old SGI logo in the corner brings back many fond memories of slaving away in front of the O2.... Man I hated those days.

    So... If I wanted to have a crack?


    Tsk tsk Serrels... Here's the link:

      @markserrels ahahah you didn't say the magic link ahahah you didn't say the magic link ahahah you didn't say the magic link...

    THIS IS AMAZING OMG GO TOTES CHECK IT OUT!!!! *Doesn't post link*

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    This was something every high school IT class did in the mid 90's, but we did it in DOS with silent batch commands.

    Clever girl...

    Type "access magic word please".

    edit: Just figured that anything beginning with "access" and ending with "please" does it...

    Last edited 04/03/14 12:28 pm

    I always get the "Ah Ah Ah. You didn't say the magic word." quote mixed up with Sid 6.7's "Ah ah ah. I thought of that one. Better try again... Faster"

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