An HDMI Mod For The Nintendo 64? That's A Good Start

An HDMI Mod For The Nintendo 64? That's A Good Start.

The more television technology advances, the harder it is to keep our classic consoles hooked up. Modder Marshall over at Retroactive is working on a device to bring the last cartridge-based Nintendo console into the HDMI age. Anyone know how to solder?

Tentatively scheduled for a Q1 2014 release, the N64 HDMI Converter is a board that the tech savvy can install inside their ancient consoles in order to give them a DVI output, which can then be adapted to HDMI or VGA if need be.

An HDMI Mod For The Nintendo 64? That's A Good Start.

Imagine crisper, brighter N64 graphics on your television set, without having to resort to shady emulation. Man, I feel a little Body Harvest coming on.

Marshall is a busy man, so the cards will be ready when they are ready. He won't install them, but isn't above selling in bulk so folks can sell consoles with the mod preinstalled (probably my choice). Or you can solder them yourself, if you're into that sort of thing.

Interested parties can sign up for the mailing list to be notified once the N64 HDMI Converter goes on sale. Now we just need these for every console that never had an HDMI connector, and we're good.

The N64 HDMI Converter [Retroactive via Nintendo Life]


    Dvi? So do you still use the rca for audio?

      is dvi that out-dated? my gpu was top of the line a couple years ago and it only has two dvi jacks

        no dual link dvi is fine. the only thing better is display port and thunderbolt on a gpu (which are very similar anyway) and to be honest dual link dvi is better than hdmi. it doesn't transmit audio like hdmi does though.

      From website: "I'm looking into handling digital audio as well, so you need only the HDMI cable and nothing else. It will require yet another hardware revision." So not yet, but possibly in the future.

    You could just buy a AVI to HDMI converter. I don't think switching a N64 to HDMI will increase the crispness of the images though.

      If this manages to bypass all the analog and go 100% digital it would be crisper.

        Mmm 480p on my 55" TV... Crisp.

          Most N64 games didn't even do that.
          So more like 240p on your 55" TV... Super Crisp

    This would be awesome. Just using DVI on my SNES and NES looks awesome on my LCD TV, but the N64 looks god awful and gives me motion sickness.

    Misleading title, DVI to HDMI, nice bottleneck.

    Honestly don't know what's so "shady" about Emulators, piracy issues aside, they are stable and offer greater features.

      Im not one to advocate piracy but when its no longer being made, so no longer making money. I dont see what the problem is.

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