And Lo, A Video Game Soundtrack Announcement I Actually Care About

Hohokum is coming for the PS4, PS3 and Vita. It's a beautiful game, one I've been hanging out for since last year, but I'm now even more excited after hearing about the soundtrack.

Seems Scott Hansen, aka Tycho, has done the game's intro track, as part of a deal that's seen a number his labelmates from Ghostly International appear on Hohokum's soundtrack as well.

I mean, the game looks cool enough on its own. But a huge part of my day is spent having Ghostly artists playing in the background as my work music, so to see (well, hear them) bringing that to a PlayStation game should be a treat.


    I dunno. Ive been actively listening to game music since I was a kid, but the music in this trailer sounds like it's from a Windows adverstisment or an E3 montage.

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