Angry White Guy Confuses Chinese Gamers

Angry White Guy Confuses Chinese Gamers

Recently a video appeared online across Chinese social media creating a buzz among Chinese gamers. The video, quite possibly an ad for Guild Wars 2, has a Caucasian speaking fluent Mandarin angrily at Chinese gamers. That's right, an angry white man shouting at Chinese gamers in Chinese.

In the video, the man opens the by swearing at C.G.P, Chinese game players. He then prefaces his tirade by saying that he loves China and has lots of Chinese friends.

***Viewer beware, there is some strong language***

Some of the points that this angry person makes about Chinese gamers is pretty correct — that they tend to use money to solve problems, and that they get angry and talk smack towards other gamers. Then again, people out West can do the same! Frustrated househusband playing a mobile game decides to spend money to pass a level. Angry gamer girl gets sniped curses out a 12-year-old boy on Xbox live.

But the weirdest portion of the video is when the man grabs a blow up doll wearing a Guild Wars 2 T-Shirt. He then starts to talk absolute nonsense and proceeds to beat up the doll, culminating in him finally smashing the doll to the ground.

Reactions to this video in China have gone both ways. Players either agree with the angry man's assessment of the problems Chinese gamers face, or say that the man is just bitter that he can't win against better players. Overall however, Chinese players weren't amused by the weird commercial. Here are some translated comments from

Angry White Guy Confuses Chinese Gamers
Angry White Guy Confuses Chinese Gamers

Chinese gamers sure are babies, these people come to take your money and at the same time they berate you.

They can even come up with this kind of shameless commercial, I admire that.

The strangeness of the video, combined with the weird subtitles, makes this very similar to a commercial that Chinese game giant Tencent made for War of Zombie a few years back. Who knows what kind of effect this video will have on Guild Wars 2 in China.

老外怒骂中国游戏玩家 充气娃娃成泄愤道具 []


    Fuck I struggled to understand what he was saying in either Mandarin or English. Thank god for subtitles.

    White t-shirt against the white subtitles was a horrible choice, a pro remembers to black outline the subs.

      If he did the subs himself that may have been intentional to add even more to the confusion.

      By the way, we have the same nickname (at least that's how many friends and family refer to me, Im guessing you may be a Graham as well?

        Naw, its just my gamer handle. Because i'm so smooth.

    all his "chinese" words are just swearing and talking about money

    Its like saying if i swear in french, then im "speaking french"

      Well, yeah, you are. You are speaking and using French words in a correct manner. Just because you're not using them in a polite manner doesn't despute the fact you're speaking French.

        what i mean it insinuates that im fluent, when im not

        swearing in another language doesnt make you a fluent speaker

        im just pointing out that there is heavy emphasis on him "Speaking chinese", and its a big deal cause hes a white dude speaking chinese. As if hes fluently speaking the language

        all i see is someone learning a few swear words in chinese and mixing it into his english rant

        what you argue is semantics

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