Australia And New Zealand To Get Titanfall Servers, Located In Sydney

Australia And New Zealand To Get Titanfall Servers, Located In Sydney

Vince Zampella, from Respawn has just stated on Twitter that Australia and New Zealand will be getting servers for Titanfall. He is claiming they will be up and running by tomorrow.

Zampella just tweeted the following…

Aussie servers coming online, starting Friday morning and building capacity each day! Combined EA/MS/Respawn effort to make it happen!

Zampella also just confirmed the servers would be located in Sydney.

Considering the fact we thought we’d have to wait until Microsoft set up its Azure Centres, this is a pretty fast turnaround and great news for all those who picked up Titanfall at launch. It looks as though Respawn has put together a different solution for Australian gamers in the meantime.

Information regarding how this is all going to work is scarce, but we’re in contact with EA and we’ll hopefully know by tomorrow how this will all work.

UPDATE: EA Australia just sent out an official statement.

EA, Respawn and Microsoft are excited to share the news that Titanfall players based in Australia and New Zealand will be able to connect to Australian-based servers on all platforms. We are confident this will give our Australian and New Zealand fans a great experience.

So no new specifics as of yet.


  • YES! I’m so getting this tomorrow!
    The beta was really fun, but I was going to hold out getting it for a few months due to the lag. It would have been tough, but now I don’t have to.
    It’s about time.

    • I’m playing on the asia default server 59ms ping from Perth… Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

      • Lucky you :P. On the east cost I suspect most people are getting around 130-160 to the SEA servers (I get just under 150). That results in some annoying lag, including MANY “Wanted” style bullets-curving-around-the-corner deaths.

        The server list has been updated to now include “Beta Australia” at the bottom with a ping of -1, so they probably aren’t turned on yet, but can’t wait to try them out when they do!

        It’s also worth mentioning this as well for anyone curious how they brought our Azure centers online so fast: “we worked with MS to come up with a custom hosting solution until the Azure datacenter comes online.”

  • Well this is the news that will ensure my purchase but back to dark souls for now.

  • Awesome news! Still probably won’t be getting it for a while, price doesn’t justify it whilst I’m beginning to have fun with BF4 finally.

    • I usually get 120 to the asia servers. Not the worst in the world, but hoping to see it improved a lot by this.

      • I get about that, too.
        It feels like the netcode deals with lag a lot better than most other games. Even on 120 the only time I ever see a lag issue is very occasionally when you get in a kick fight with someone.

        • I think the advantage is that its a fairly small player game, only what.. 8? 10? players total, and everything else is just AI which can be tweaked to be a little better with lag.

  • I don’t own an Xbox One or powerful PC, but keen to try the Xbox 360 version when it comes out. Anyone know if there are any major differences between the 2, besides visuals?

    • Everybody’s being very tight lipped about it at the moment – I guess yelling about how great the 360 version is isn’t going to sell many Xbones. But the dev doing the port is one of the best, so I don’t have many concerns about it.

    • apparently its a different dev team for the 360 version, not sure how different it is though, no footage seen

    • I suspect that they’re trying to give the Xbone a free publicity window but I imagine that the 360 version will run just as well – if it does I’ll be getting it there – no prospect of anew machine before Xmas I reckon (short of a lottery win! And I hear you have to actually enter those to win them so probably not!)

    • I play on PC. Honestly the graphics maxed out on PC are somewhere around the Modern Warfare 3 level. Maybe even worse. So I can’t at all imagine it won’t play really well on xbox. This game isn’t at all pushing anything in the graphics department.

      In fact apparently it runs well on graphics cards from 6 or so years ago on PC. So I bet there’s no difference.

  • Although I’d still say wait and see how they run before praising, I’m still gonna say this is great news. Normally developers just ignore all these problems or make up some cock and bull story about some hidden “system” that’s designed to give you no lag *cough343icough*.

    So it’s great to see someone actually understanding the real problem.
    and it’s the guys who made MW2 of all people.

  • I thought we’d be waiting MONTHS, but this is great news. I’m not even getting the game til Saturday, so I get to avoid all the teething issues. \o/

  • wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! think i might get it now instead of waiting like i’d planned 😀

  • I bought it this morning, because I found the game fun, even though I didn’t feel competitive. This is just gravy.

    I have to give EA, MS and Respawn kudos for this.

  • Generic comment about if Titanfall had dedicated server support this wouldn’t be an issue.

  • This is fascinating – you’d have thought they’d have gotten them online 24 hours earlier to have them up for launch, rather than starting to roll them out 24 hours later. Not that it makes a real difference, but normally rollout for launch is the sort of thing you’d try for.

    • See I think this is somewhat better really, all the people who were on the fence about it due to servers now want it, and having it ready for the weekend is perfect timing really

  • Well that was unexpected. Very happy to hear this. Although I’ve got to ask why they waited until the last second? Seems like a bit of a douche bag move to play these cards this close to their chest for so long. I mean it’s great news and I’m glad they’re stepping up and doing the responsible thing of supporting their multiplayer centric game in the regions it’s being sold in, but they left us hanging there for a while.

    Anyway, I know what I’ll be doing this weekend. =)

    • There are a lot of moving parts to get lined up. This was the soonest it could happen.

  • i wonder whether the servers will be any better for WA players…

    i’m already getting 80ms on the SEA servers, which is usually what i get on most eastern state servers….

  • while i preordered this i know a lot of guys who didn’t because of the pin, and even saying that 120 ping is not fun. This makes me much happier.

    Its good to see more and more Australian servers these days.

  • Damn! That’s great news, but why’d they have to wait until launch day to announce it.

  • I went to the launch event last night, one of the best promo nights I’ve been to.. Open bar, free food for hours and Hammond Robotics stylised decor everywhere (complete with staff wearing lab coats with the HR logo) . 12 xboxes with Titanfall all night, plus they have away Collectors editions xboxes and the new Turtle Beach headphones.. I was already pumped from last night, but this news just made my day!!!!

  • I’m in Australia for the next few months, but hail from the U.S where Titanfall sells for $60. Is this worth the extra $12 I would have to pay for the PC download? Or is there anyway I can get the game for $60?

  • This is great news! I’m getting about 180ms ping to SEA servers at present (iinet, QLD) and whilst the game is playable I do notice myself accommodating for the lag. I will be very happy if this all goes well and I can get a ping <100ms

  • YESSS!!!

    Now I feel kind of bad for tight arsing from the US online store haha. Ah well, $20 cheaper and I had it on Tuesday night.

    • You didn’t tight-arse. You decided not to get ripped off.

      The Australia tax on games is bullshit and EA is never going to remove it until they stop seeing profit from it. Anything I own on Origin I have bought cheaper from a 3rd party.

  • Wicked! It’s still quite playable now, but the difference is more than welcome. More responsiveness will be quite handy.

  • i just wish there was a server browser. match making does not work! played a few rounds since launch and every round would stack level 30 and higher players against 1-10 level players. And don’t get me started on the wait between rounds!

    • To be fair, there aren’t many higher level players yet, and you rank up pretty quickly anyway. I think the matchmaking is great, because more important than rank, it matches me with similar ping. Much easier to deal with crap ping when its a level playing field. Imagine if you were 130ms vs 30ms.

      • i played yesterday when it came out in Aus. every person on my team were below 10 and 4 ppl on the other team were 30 or higher. most of the games i played i’m the only person above 100 ping

        • I’ve been playing since Tuesday, every game I’ve played has been mostly 2-1 bar ping, with the very rare 3 bar. Playing on SE Asia servers.

  • I’ve been playing it for a few hours and the ping is about 120 and I’m still having a good time.

    This is just icing on the cake.

  • Wow, my ping is 99ms on the x1. Im already happy with that, but if it could be better… awesome.

  • The only thing that stops me diving in is the 50GB install size, that’s a big chunk of my SSD,especially as half of it audio in bizarrely uncompressed form.

  • Let’s hope they don’t close said servers in under a year. That seems to be the go with servers here. After the initial excitement, and numbers die off it’s closure time!

  • No Aussie servers yet and it after midday Friday now… Hmmm think they lied AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Respawn, you are doing it right.

    I was thinking it would be months before they are live, they remained tight lipped and I jumped for joy when I read this article!

    Kudos again!

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