Australians Will Be Able To Watch MLG On Their Xbox 360

Australians Will Be Able To Watch MLG On Their Xbox 360

Major League Gaming (MLG) has just announced that an App, which allows Xbox 360 users to stream video content of MLG’s upcoming events, is launching today. Australia is one of the few regions able to use the app at launch.

Considering Australia’s track record with apps and video content on the Xbox 360, it’s great to get some good news for once.

The app will provide Xbox LIVE Gold members with video content of the tournaments themselves, but will also allow users to watch shows like MLG’s ‘eSports Report’.

“The MLG app for Xbox 360 brings our content directly to gaming fans on Xbox Live,” said Sundance DiGiovanni, MLG CEO and co-founder. “MLG broadcasts the best in competitive gaming content each week via www.MLG.TVand now Xbox 360 users can watch simply and easily.”

It’s good timing. The Call of Duty $1 million Championship is set to take place this weekend and the tournament is set to stream exclusively through, the MLG app and the Xbox dashboard. You can find more information on the tournament here.


  • Sweet! Never watched competitive gaming before. Interested to check it out.

  • Almost makes me want to get a game console. If it got brought across in other ways it’d be pure Win.

    I love eSport. The commentators are awesome.
    “OMG JIMMY! He’s doing a ZERG RUSH! We haven’t seen that move since the battle between so and so”
    “That’s right John. With many of the changes to how Zergs are played” (so on and so forth).

    SC2 tournaments and LoL/DOTA2 are the bread and butter for me. (I don’t get into the FPS stuff)

    • I really miss pro Halo. I think you have to be invested in the game itself, at least initially.

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