Awkward: Nintendo Video Family Forgets Wii U Games

Awkward: Nintendo Video Family Forgets Wii U Games

Sometimes using real people in your advertisements makes things more real. Sometimes, it makes things more awkward.

The following is a video from Nintendo on how a regular family makes use of their Wii U.

Say hello to the Kato family from Chiba. For them, the Wii U is about more than just playing video games. Then there's the awkward moment very early on when they actually talk about what games their son plays.

It's even more awkward when you realise that this video is from Nintendo. It's on Nintendo's official Japanese site. This is Nintendo Wii U propaganda!

All joking aside, the Wii U is a perfectly competent game console. but, competent is the baseline for any product. What we want are more games.

我が家では、WiiUをこのように使ています。 [Nintendo]


    All joking aside, the Wii U is a perfectly competent game console.


    Uh? It's just the mum trying to think what games her son plays. Pretty sure my mum would've taken a while to think of what the names of games I was playing at that age were too.

      My Mum would be all. I dun care what that hit is playing I'm too busy playing Guild Wars/WoW etc


      True. It has more titles that I want than I can afford to buy, so that is more games than I need.
      How many games do people want?

      As far as advertising goes though. An xboxone or ps4 i could name half a dozen games off the top of my head and i own neither, but a wiiu thats been out for years..... umm its got mario?

        Firstly, Wii U hasn't been out for "years" ... more like 18 months (if that!). just because u can't name them doesn't mean they don't exist... that could quite easily be lack of education and/or ignorance... let's see...

        Wind Waker
        Mario 3D World
        Mario U/Luigi U
        Mario and Sonic
        Donkey Kong
        Wonderful 101
        Game & Wario
        Wii Fit
        Monster Hunter
        Lego city Undercover

        I just named 15 games off the top of my head compared to your "half a dozen" for the xbone/ps4. not only that but all of those games are exclusive to the Wii U and don't include any eshop only games.

        edit - just read your comment again and I somehow overlooked the advertising bit and I actually agree - however I can't think of a single game on any console I've seen advertised in quite some time (except ALBW).

        Last edited 16/03/14 11:51 pm

          * New mario
          * Newer mario
          * Cat mario
          * controller tech demo
          * New donkey Kong
          * Old Zelda
          *Generic Zombie Game
          * marios wierd relative
          * Marios brother
          * marios rival
          * Don't forget it has mario

          man i can just go ooooon and oooooon.

          Last edited 17/03/14 1:57 pm

    exactly. I have nearly thirty games. thirty. and I don't have pikmin, wonderful 101, or any COD game.

    It's got a helluva lot more worthwhile games than the PS4 and XBone combined. The scary thing is how few games are on the horizon, but I suppose the same thing could be said for the other two machines as well. I feel like there's going to be a software explosion for all consoles come E3.

    Everyone forgets about backwards compatability. That gives the system heaps of games. Theres alot of wii games I never heard of and have only just discovered that basically feel like new games to me. Muramasa demon blade being one of them thats a great game.

    But there is still shit all Wii U games for the wii u.
    Fuck off with your backwards compatibility shit and your crappy games from the online store.

      All the games on Wii U I 'would' buy came out on Ps3 and Xbox already... several years before WiiU version.

      EB are already reducing their shelf space, and my local Kmart and BigW have stopped displaying the games on shelves and are just thrown in the temporary bargain displays..

      Last edited 16/03/14 7:37 pm

      Haha man people get emotional about the Wii U. My Wii died a year ago and I picked up a Wii U for half price so yeah I love backwards compatibility it gives alot of my game collection a new lease of life. I love sony aswell but was pretty annoyed at the fact that ps4 isnt backwards compatible seeing that I spent so much money knowing that one day those games are going to be unplayable. From the perspective of a consumer backwards compatibility is a blessing. So yes I will now fuck off with my backwards compatibility and enjoy every minute of it.

        Well they did use the same architecture as the previous gen console, where as ps4 and xb1 did not, so backwards compatability is quite easy.

          Yeah I know its probably a good thing they changed the architecture considering that PS3 was quite hard to develop for. Nintendo have a tradition of using the previous gen as they say it makes development cheaper. The Wii was based on the Gamecube's architecture that's why it could play gamecube games.

            The wiiu used the same basic architecture As the ps3. Powerpc. Though the ps3 cell version was harder to program for.

            Last edited 17/03/14 4:13 pm

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