Be The Shepard And Buy Your Very Own N7 Mass Effect Jacket

Commander Shepard's adventures through the galaxy may have ended a few years ago, but his / her legacy lives on, with the most recent form of remembrance being this nifty Mass Effect-theme leather jacket.

According to the product page on Bioware's store site, only 600 of the lambskin leather jackets will be made. It comes with everything you'd expect from an article of clothing, including zippers ("heavy duty" ones, actually), deep pockets and if you hadn't noticed already, "N7" embroidered on the front.

There's also a voucher for a free hoody for those that need help filling out their, uh, hoody collection.

It's currently only available for preorder, with sizes ranging from small to 3XL (though at the time of writing, stock for the small size was "low"). You'll need a cool $US475 if you want Bioware to put one away for you and an additional $US51 for shipping to Australia.

N7 Leather Jacket [Bioware Store, via The Awesomer]


    Shame I'm not a leather jacket kind of guy. Also, the price.

    *Smiles proudly at item*
    *Loudly sobs at price*

    Could easily become one of the laziest cosplay options for people with too much money. Not that I'm judging. (want it so bad)

    Looks naff. I love me some fine leather goods and sadly pay through the nose for it, but I think those red lines cheapen the jacket and the fit on the model is all wrong too. $US 475 is acceptable for a good jacket, but lambskin? Ehhh.

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