Blink And You'll Miss The First Shot Of TV's New Flash In Costume

Blink And You'll Miss The First Shot Of TV's New Flash In Costume

I've been waiting for this moment since Grant Gustin first showed up as Barry Allen in CW's Arrow earlier this season — our first peek at the latest TV iteration of DC Comics' scarlet speedster, the Flash. Spoilers follow.

Last we saw Gustin he was being splashed with chemicals and struck by lightning at the end of Arrow's winter finale, after visiting Oliver Queen and company in the hopes of enlisting the mysterious bow-wielding vigilante's help in finding his mother's murderer.

Blink And You'll Miss The First Shot Of TV's New Flash In Costume

Next we'll see him, aside from some Arrow cameos, is as the front man of his own Flash pilot, co-starring the likes fof John Wesley Shipp, who played Barry Allen in the original Flash series from the 90's.

So, what do you think of the duds? Tight-fitting, red leather, crafted to contain Gustin's charming goofiness so no one figures out his secret identity? I approve.


    I like it. Only a tiny shot but it's definitely the flash costume. He's not meant to be giant and hulking, but lithe, slim and fast as hell. Really eager to see this, especially after Arrow so brilliantly handled Barrys origin!!!

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      Yeah looking forward to it as well. Was handled very well by Arrow….

        So far ARROW has been the best example of comicbook tv. I wanted to like Smallville but it just felt so cheap and nasty most of the time. I knew what they were trying but it never gelled with me. Especially when they turned Doomsday into a bloody teenager...

        Agents of SHIELD, Im hoping to god if it gets a second season, it gets its shit together because so far, it's a mess. It seems to have very limited direction. Coulson is great as always, Clark Gregg can't be anything BUT great, but the show just feels fairly aimless. If they can pull it together post Cap 2, with a shattered disorganised SHIELD infighting etc, that could be pretty cool.

          Yeah. Agreed. Arrow has dealt with the comic book tv amazingly. Very well done (much more so than smallville imo). Agents of shield has a lot of potential, but they just have to harness it. I strongly suspect that they will or are at least intending to be doing something with characters introduced in previous episodes like Deathlok, Graviton and Blizzard

    I can't help but think back to the story told at Armageddon Expo by 90s Flash (John Wesley Shipp) about how much he hated wearing that costume. I remember him saying that he threw it in the trash at the end of the series and Mark Hamill said "what are you doing!?" and immediately dived into the rubbish to claim the mask for himself!

      Somewhat ironically, John Wesley Shipp has been cast in this new series!

    I'd love to see this but it's not available on my iPad...on no wait. :p

    Have I missed this? I'm not able to find a reference to it actually airing yet. I've been on the lookout for it...

    hmmm bit too leathery-fetish for me.

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