Blonde Twins Play Harry Potter Music On Harps, Frolic In A Forest

How about some mellow? Let's do mellow. Here we have a lovely performance of "Hedwig's Theme" from the Harry Potter soundtrack, presented by Harp Twins Camille and Kennerly Kitt.

And if you're in the mood for even more mellow, check out the twins' other videos below:

Truly, a magical journey of weird locations and harp music.

Harry Potter - Hedwig's Theme (Harp Twins electric) [Camille and Kennerly@YouTube]


    This isn't porn, Andreas. Let's try a less mysoginistic title: Amazingly talented Kennerly sisters play Hay Potter theme on harps.

    I was just about to say the same thing. They are being celebrated for the fact that they play music in costumes not because they are blonde twins.

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