Borderlands 2 On The PS Vita Looks… Pretty Much Like You’d Expect.

Borderlands 2 on the PS Vita looks… pretty much like you’d expect. Courtesy of YouTuber AtomixVG, here’s four minutes’ worth of footage of the portable version of Gearbox’s loot-happy shooter, straight from this year’s Game Developers Conference. Vid’s above, enjoy.

Check out AtomixVG’s channel here.


  • Looks great for a handheld rendition of a AAA PS3 title, looking forward to it!

    I was kind of hoping for a release date though…

  • looks great, I can’t wait for it.
    I just hope you get some of the DLC with it that would make it sick 🙂

  • kind of excited about this. I have it on 360 but havent played very much. will be awesome to have it portable though.

  • Hoping this will be good. I guess having enemy bodies hang around after they’ve been killed is too much for the game to handle on Vita though. Those bullymongs pretty much just vaporised when killed…

    • Yeah, I see what you mean. They gibbed pretty hard lol.

      It’s a little jarring at first, but it still looks pretty good for a handheld shooter.

  • Wonder how you trigger the action skill or throw grenades since they were shoulder buttons. If they’re on the rear touchpad I can see that going wrong in a hurry

    Very nice conversion by the look of it though

  • I’m still in… supposedly all the controls are customisable, so everyone should be able to find something that works for them…

    As for DLC, most of it is coming on the cart, I suspect the remainder is missing due to space, but they are looking to have all the DLC available eventually, the game is cross save, so I am hoping that last bit of DLC is also cross buy!

  • First thing I noticed – enemies disappear immediately rather than staying as corpses for a short while before digitizing, doesn’t look bad!

  • This is looking amazing! Finally a true massive open world game. Sunk 80 hours into it on pc but I’ll play it again tomorrow! Portable borderlands 2, can’t wait!

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