Brace Yourselves, Macross Fans, A New TV Series Is Coming

Brace Yourselves, Macross Fans, a New TV Series is Coming

Hang on and wait for the music.

Last night, after the rerun of episode 25 of Macross F on Japan's Tokyo MX channel, fans were treated to a surprise bulletin announcing a new Macross TV series.

Brace Yourselves, Macross Fans, a New TV Series is Coming

For those unfamiliar, Macross is a sci-fi space opera anime that originally aired in Japan 1982 — some of our older friends will recognise it by the English version title, Robotech (hi, Harris!). The anime focuses on a future where humanity has made contact with alien races. The title Macross comes from the name of the space craft from the original series — an alien relic that allowed humanity to enter an age of inter-stellar travel and war. One of the major themes of the series has been overcoming conflict through the power of music.

There have been multiple TV series, movies, and original video animations in the Macross series. This upcoming series will make it the 4th TV series.

No details have yet been released on the new Macross series, not even a general window when they will begin airing, but already fans are excited. Twitter user @GwynCampbell took this photo to celebrate.

Brace Yourselves, Macross Fans, a New TV Series is Coming

Yack deculture, indeed.

Photo: Gwyn Campbell

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    This is great news! Hopefully they'll one day sort out their problems with Harmony Gold so that we can at least get games and shows released to the west

      Or just saying, maybe one day a hero will come a long and burn down harmony gold... because to be fair they deserve it.

    Sweet, Macross F was a pretty good entry in the series (still couldn't top Plus or Zero though). As long as we don't get another 7 I'll be happy.

    New Macross?! YESSSSSSSSSSS

    Not to mention the all new Sailor moon in June.

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