Buckle Up, It's Time For A New Skywind Trailer

Buckle Up, It's Time For A New Skywind Trailer

For those who have missed it, Skywind is an ambitious mod that's bringing Morrowind into Skyrim's engine. We post about Skywind quite a bit here on Kotaku. With good reason. Because if this all pans out it will be the best.


    Please don't finish and release this while I'm still at Uni
    I don't want to fail my units

    Skyrim was kind of a let down for me. As pretty as it was I couldn't help feel I had done it all before multiple times.
    I am really looking forward to seeing this. Morrowind was the game that introduced me to the series and remains one of my most loved.

      I think if you want to avoid doing things you've already done, playing a remake of a game is not the way to go.

        True, but I would rather do it all again in the world that started it all for me rather than doing it all again 3 games down the line.
        Eveytime I hit that wall in Skyrim I was reminded of the same experience in Morrowind. I have no illusions that its simply nostalgia goggles on my part, but I can't love Skyrim for what Morrowind brought me

          I think I get you, just, in reverse. I got into the Elder Scrolls with Skyrim. I was never a fantasy kind of guy but I really dug the lore from the word go. So when I got super cheap ass copies of III and IV on Steam, I was all ready to get into them, even though I knew they were much older and less advanced looking that Skyrim, I jumped in anyways. But that nagging feeling of 'this is kind of the same, but just too different enough' was with me the whole time. Oblivion wasn't so bad as it wasn't that hard to mod it to look spectacular, like I did with my Skyrim. But Morrowind was a little too different, but that was more an issue of the unmodded game and it being 8yrs older than V, than anything else, which is why I'm looking forward to this.

          Maybe it had a little to do with being a Nord at heart and being around all those Mer too... :p

    Wow! This is a lot better from when I saw it last, nice.

      wonder if they've fixed the clothing optional bug yet

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