Call Me Crazy, But I'm Getting Increasingly Excited About Alien Isolation

After the Aliens: Colonial Marines debacle, it's fairly difficult to get excited about a game set in the Alien universe, but I think it's slowly starting to happen for me. Each and every time I hear the team at Creative Assembly talk about Alien: Isolation I'm just like... these guys get it.

Quick disclaimer: I prefer Alien over Aliens. It's just my personal preference, and I've always wanted to play a game that focused on avoiding one supremely scary, overwhelmingly powerful enemy. So Alien: Isolation, which is attempting to do precisely those things, seems like a game tailor made for my tastes.

In short: this team is talking the talk. I can't help but get excited. Some of my favourite sequences in horror games have been about hiding from completely impossible to kill bosses. The sequence in Resident Evil 2 when the boss tanks through the wall, the unkillable dude in Dead Space. Those moments have stuck with me. Alien: Isolation looks like a game dedicated to those moments. So yeah, I'm excited.


    Nah man, you're not crazy, I feel the same. Or maybe we're both crazy. Whatever. *does the chicken dance*

    Very excited here to. It looks to me like they're treating the ip with much more respect. Also it looks amazing, like a Shoddy VHS tape that you paused for too long and the tape stretched.

    Trying to keep hype down just incase the game ends up being meh

    That game looks like perfection to me.

    Good AI is really hard to do, but hopefully because there s only one enemy and a relatively limited play space, they can really push and refine it.

    I really hope this game has 3d support out of the gate, and eventually Rift support too. 3d would be incredible (i know there's lots of haters, but I find 3d to be super immersive). Rift support might need a bit of effort as there seems to be a few sections where the camera control is taken away from you, which is a no-no if you don't want to make a player vomit, but with a bit of tweaking it would be a perfect game for the Rift (slow and atmospheric)!

    I'm excited!

    I have mixed feelings. The game itself looks great, no problems there. As a fan...i'm a bit pissed they want to fuck with the canon and use Ripleys daughter. Grrrr....fanboi rant rant rant. Not cool man.

    It is good to see the horror aspect of Alien thrown into a game though. Such a classic movie.

      I don't see how it breaks canon, really. All we get in the film is that she died, aged 66. No details on why, let alone anything that happened earlier in her life. And since it is unlikely the game ends with her dead, I see no reason she couldn't have done the game, then gone back and lived out a life that ends well before Ellen is recovered. I just watched the trilogy the last few days, and it doesn't seem hard to shoehorn this into those. :)

        Shoehorn being the optimal word there. They are milking the story where it doesn't need to be. It doesn't sit right with me.

        It's only my 2c, but I was happy with her being a nobody. It was a comfort to know that somebody in that universe actually died from old age without being exposed to the nastiness. ;)

        Last edited 14/03/14 3:29 pm

    I remember the fear of playing the original Alien vs. Predator (Alien arc). Man, always dark, scary, and bam, 100 dots running at you. I don't know if I will be as scared with only 1 enemy, but I will give it a go!

    You are crazy. Maybe I'm a little crazy, too.

    Alien is my favourite movie ever. It's the right kind of sci-fi done perfectly. It's the right kind of horror done perfectly. It's 35 years old this year and still one of the best things ever put to celluloid. Aliens was a great action movie with a likable cast and great set pieces, but it doesn't hold a candle to the original.

    If they do this right, then I'll be over the goddamn moon.

    Alien is definitely the the superior movie, as far as I'm concerned. However I'm not sure if they can really replicate the terror nowadays - a lot of the fear surrounding the creature in the first film was that it was rarely shown - you caught glimpses, but it was like the boogieman or something - a creature that snatches you from the dark and tears you to pieces. Everyone nowadays knows what the alien is, what it looks like, what its physiology is, why it is dangerous... and that removes the mystique that was the source of half the horror in the original. It's also probably why scripted sequences in past Alien games haven't felt scary. Maybe their reactive AI will do what shooting galleries and scripted encounters could not.

    Sounds like they're taking some cues from Outlast tbh. I'm excited nonetheless!

    At least this doesn't have Randy lying to our faces.
    I'm really hoping this is it, this is the Alien game Alien fans deserve.
    (That is to say, a good one.)

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