Can You Tell What's Going On In The Trailer For The Mega Evolution Pokémon Anime Special?

Can you tell what's going on in the trailer for the Mega Evolution Pokémon anime special? All I see is bright lights, roaring, bright lights, more roaring, kid falling over, more roaring. Guess that's normal for an episode called "The Strongest Mega Evolution." Look for it on April 3, when the special airs in Japan.


    The first half of the ad, I swear to Arceus, was just a collection of flashing neon-y lights. I couldn't tell what was happening. Still wanna watch it, though!

    looks similar to the Pokemon Origins series they did, which would be great.

    Hopes are this also coincides with the release of Mega latios and latias

      Yeah, I certainly wouldn't mind more Pokemon Origins style specials. Although I'm not sure if I prefer the idea of doing a one off story rather than retelling small sections of a game or not. Origins covering Red/Blue/Green was awesome but it rushed some stuff, where this Mega Evolution series looks like it will be much more consistent and self contained.

        Yeah totally, i more meant in the style of origins, as it had a way more mature theme to it than the normal anime.

    i saw 3 mega evolution's. looks like they are promoting mega evolution... oh wait.

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