Candy Crush’s Developers Just Had A Real Bad Day

Candy Crush’s Developers Just Had A Real Bad Day

King, the controversial developers behind Candy Crush Saga, just finished its first day of trading on the New York Stock Exchange. It was the single worst first day’s trading so far in 2014.

After introducing its stock at $US22.50, it never got above that mark, instead slowly retreating throughout the day until it was down to $US19, a 15.5% fall.

Why the drop? It could be the fact the company is overly-reliant on Candy Crush. It could be that social games are a bubble, and that Zynga’s decline is fresh in investor’s minds. It could just be that nobody likes a bully .

King has worst IPO debut of the year on Candy Crush Saga worries [GamesBeat]


  • and them going public was nothing to do with the developers trying to cash in after no-one offered tobuy them out?

  • hopefully the next article shows how this blight on gaming is now bankrupt after trying to trademark the word game.

  • They know they’re a one-trick pony, and that there’s a 90% chance that nothing they’ll develop from here on will be as big as CCS, so they took the opportunity to cash out.

    Good for them.

    • I’ve seen them advertise their other games on TV, Farm Something Saga & Pet Rescue Saga. Which interestingly look exactly like Candy Crush Saga.

      I remember playing Candy Crush Saga for hours back when it was on my Mega Drive, they called it Columns back than.

      • Yeah, directly advertising android games/apps on television as part of the ad break is beyond low, you just don’t do it. It’s just plain sad and desperate.
        Only the clueless bought stock in King.

        Anyone can make a hit game, which is why if you’re buying stock in a developer group then you’d want to see consecutive hits.

      • This is the thing – prior to those ads I don’t recall anyone advertising mobile apps on television, never mind that when viewed on the television those apps look about as exciting as the average leapfrog game!

  • And now their next plan is to trademark the word “Stock” so no other company can have list on the stock exchange, making King the only stock you can buy.

  • Over 75% of their revenue comes from Candy Crush. It may be popular (although I have no idea why) but if that game lost its popularity (and seriously how long can a mobile game like that continue at the top?) then we can expect their shares to drop to under $10 in response to their shrinking revenue flows.

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