Card Hunter Developer Recuits New Studio For Mobile Port

Card Hunter Developer Recuits New Studio For Mobile Port

As compellingly playable as the Australian-made Card Hunter is, its Flash requirement has limited its domain to that of browsers supporting recent versions of Adobe’s platform. That’s going to change though, with developer Blue Manchu hitting up fresh studio DropForge to handle the conversion.

The short press release on DropForge’s website mentions the continually cries from Card Hunter‘s community for a mobile version and how the design is pretty much perfectly suited for tablets, but is otherwise lean on details.

It begs the question why the game wasn’t built in such a way to allow mobile deployment from the start, but there are a lot of factors that come into play when choosing a development platform, including the strengths of one’s team and to use a cliché, picking the best tool for the job. As the game’s FAQ mentions, Flash has its own benefits when it comes to cross-platform.

The release unfortunately doesn’t provide a launch date, but you’d think with a studio dedicated to making the translation it won’t be long before your tablet is sporting a copy.

DropForge Games to Bring Multi-Award Winning PC Game Card Hunter to Mobile [DropForge, via Gamasutra]


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