Cats Playing Fruit Ninja

It’s not just humans who like playing Fruit Ninja. Cats in particular seem to love the swipe-to-slash game.

This compilation is brought to you, oddly enough, by Fabulous Mr. Pug. Next I think we need a competitive Fruit Ninja tournament to determine the very best Fruit Ninja cat player.

I wish my cat was into playing with my iPad. I tried to get her to take selfies of herself with a dedicated cat-selfie app, but she just gets nervous when I put things under her face and runs to hide under my bed. Actually she tends to get nervous about just about everything and goes to hide under my bed. Dammit, cat, where are my YouTube hits?!

via Tastefully Offensive


  • Even if I had an iPad, I suspect my cats are too stupid to notice anything interesting on it, let alone interact with it in any way. 🙁

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