Charity Helps Disabled Gamer Complete GTA V

Here’s a lovely little story: Lee, a British gamer with spinal muscular atrophy, was able to play and complete Grand Theft Auto V thanks to the British charity Special Effect. His testimony is worth your time — it’s interesting and poignant.

[via Tim Schafer]


  • Awesome.
    If you want to see another gamer overcoming living with a disability you should Google brolylegs. See him tear up street fighter 4.

  • Brilliant story. I love to see charities like this focusing on the things that the people they are supporting actually find important to them.

    Beautiful video.

    Makes you think about what you actually take for granted in your day to day life.

  • The unique and creative solutions these charities come up with to help everyone enjoy games are a testament to how bright our species can be and how much we can care for each other.

  • He’s better than me at GTA V…. People told me I was bad at games, but I really didn’t think I was this bad until I saw this. Stuff like this really makes you realize the simple things you should be thankful for.

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