Classic PC Series Quest For Glory Reinvented With Female Lead

Classic PC Series Reinvented With Female Lead

I saw a game turn up on Steam today called Heroine's Quest. That's funny, I thought, that sounds a lot like Hero's Quest. Only with a female main character instead of a male.

Turns out that's exactly what it is. Heroine's Quest is about as perfect a tribute to Sierra's classic Quest for Glory series (originally called Hero's Quest until a forced name change) as you could hope for, from the fusing of adventure and RPG elements to the first two game's trademark visual style.

It's not a re-skin or anything, though; this is an all-new game.

The best part, though, might be that it's free. So get on it. And if you think the character selection and ability training is reminiscent of more modern RPGs, know that Quest For Glory actually pioneered a lot of that stuff.

Heroine's Quest [Steam]


    It's only a real tribute to Sierra games if there's numerous bullshit deaths you can't possibly predict or avoid. I'll give it a go but if it doesn't randomly kill you for clicking on an interactive tree 2 screens into the game then it's not doing it right...

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      QFG wasn't as bad as Space Quest or King's Quest in this regard - more of a real RPG. You could die early on from blundering into the woods woefully unequipped at night, but it wasn't a trial and error through death sort of game.
      I might have to check out the game in this article to see how it holds up to the nostalgia.

        True, they'd learned a bit by the time they were making HQ. It was one of those games where it felt like death was your fault and less of a reason to just shout bullshit and turn the machine off

          "True, they'd learned a bit..."? Actually, every game designer at Sierra started from scratch. Typically four teams worked on different games at the same time and had very little interaction with any of the other teams.

          Lori Cole had not even played a Sierra game before leading the design of Hero's Quest; she still hasn't played one except for play-testing her own games. I played King's Quest 1 and the ones I converted to the Atari ST (King's Quest 4, Police Quest 2, Leisure Suit Larry 2, and Space Quest 3).

          Our influences were tabletop Dungeons & Dragons (mostly AD&D 2nd edition), the Lord of the Rings books, Dungeon Master, Wizardry, Ultima IV, Advent (Colossal Cave Adventure), and Zork. Other Sierra games? Not so much.

            Seriously? There was no cross-team discussion? Damn that feels so weird, kind of cool in a way but weird. I suppose it does go a long way towards explaining why each of the sierra series had so distinct a feel from the other ones

    That screenshot looks more like something out of the old Legend of Kyranida series.

    Either way, I'm keen!

    Oh hellyes. Quest For Glory was amazing, I am ALL over this.

      Unless were talking about QFG5... Oh god that was bad

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