Cortana Has A Different Look On The Windows Phone

Cortana has a Different Look on the Windows Phone

Cortana, the digital consigliere coming to Windows Phone 8.1, won't be represented by the light blue apparition of a woman. Cortana will, appropriately enough, be a halo.

It, uh, she? will be represented by a blue ring that animates whenever she's speaking or thinking, says The Verge, citing sources inside Microsoft and providing some screenshots of what Cortana looks like on the phone. They're over at the link.

The Verge has more details on Cortana's features but a big one is that she can address users by their name — or their nicknames, if you prefer to be called, say, "Master Chief."

This is Cortana, Microsoft's Answer to Siri [The Verge]


    I think the idea of cortana being the WP siri is just great, as the old Halo fan inside of me nods with approval.

    Will this be a feature of Win 8.1 (desktop)?

    I assume this version of Cortana will have the Rampancy bug fixed up?

    But will she be voiced by Jen Taylor? If not, I'm not interested. It's like a non Kevin Conroy Batman. Just... no.

      Jen Taylor, who played the role of AI character Cortana in the Halo video game series, will reportedly be the voice for Microsoft's personal assistant, set for a beta release on Lumia devices in April.

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    Any speculation on this coming to Nokia's new line of phones (WP x Android)?

    well, lets just hope this version of Cortana doesnt have a software breakdown like the real Cortana... can make interaction with your phone more... difficult

    If you got a hologram could you make the actual Cortana?

    Please just let Halo die, it's been through enough.

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