Danish Publisher Buying Duke Nukem’s Original Studio

Danish Publisher Buying Duke Nukem’s Original Studio

3D Realms, the beleaguered original developer of Duke Nukem Forever, will be acquired by a Danish firm that had been set to publish a new Duke Nukem game until both were sued last week by Gearbox Software .

The report, by Reuters, first appeared in Børsen, a leading financial newspaper of Denmark. Frederik Schreiber, the CEO and game director for Interceptor, confirmed to Kotaku that the company will acquire 3D Realms but would not make a statement until tomorrow.

Mike Nielsen will be appointed the CEO of 3D Realms (and its parent, Apogee Software; both are being acquired.) To Reuters, Nielsen noted that 3D Realms has been largely inactive for about a dozen years, but have a back catalogue comprising Shadow Warrior, Commander Keen and Duke Nukem.

Gearbox Software would likely dispute the last. The Texas studio acquired Duke Nukem in 2010, a deal it says rescued 3D Realms from the debt and litigation it faced for being unable to deliver Duke Nukem Forever despite an infamous 12-year development cycle.

Earlier this month, 3D Realms and Interceptor teased a new Duke game, calling it a top-down role-playing game called Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction. Gearbox then sued, calling that game an infringement of the rights to Duke Nukem it bought back in 2010. Gearbox maintains that except for already published games under the Duke Nukem name (for back catalogue sales purposes) it owns the entire Duke Nukem franchise.

The Reuters story did not mention the lawsuit. 3D Realms founders George Broussard and Scott Miller have been sued individually in addition to the studio and Apogee. Gearbox asked for an injunction against Interceptor publishing Mass Destruction; a judge has yet to rule on that demand.

Danskere køber computerspils-legenden bag Duke Nukem [Børsen via Game Informer]


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